Purpose of the spark 2

So I have looked all over the form and can’t quite find this question… as most of the regulars know, I have my spark2 from my Ultron kit and I’m trying to hold off until the Apex comes out. I am now thinking screw it the more chips the better lol. But my question for those of you that have one already, what does it do? I’m trying to think of placement and don’t really know what all it does. My NExT went between my thumb and pointer on my left hand because I I’m right-handed and use it mostly for opening things. My apex I want to put on the knife edge of my right hand so I can use it to easily to pay for things. Trying to put my implants and places never be easy to use them when I went to. My problem with the spark is I’m not really sure what all the capabilities are. Remember I’m new so please dumb down your answers :rofl:


Other people can give you better answers but my thoughts are; I’m going to get a apex but also a spark 2 as well. Why? Because as Amal has mentioned before if you use your vivokey identity for everything (2FA etc) then it makes sense to have a backup plan.

Would defiantly hate to be locked out of everything…

As for placement I was thinking upper arm purely so its out of the way but also accessible with a phone.


I was thinking my forearm, and someone had mentioned to me about putting it in my leg, my worry was if I needed to scan it on something other than my phone, That could make it pretty tough. I downloaded the app and you have to have your chip in so you can get on to it, so that makes it tough to even see what I would use it for. Hopefully someone on here can give a “Spark2 for dummies” run down lol


It is actually a very easy yet difficult thing to answer.

The functionality is best described HERE rather than me trying to regurgitate it. Work your way through the faqs, and let us know if you need clarification on any of it.
Do bear in mind, that when the APEX line is released, there will be some trickle over of usability. Obviously not the applets, but there will be some more functionality. Really just need to wait and see… all guessing until we see it!

With regards to where and why
my image

is up to you, totally depends on so many things, how many implants do you think you will get ( give yourself some room to expand ) do you have space in your hands? Do you want to hide it away? or just implant it safe like @Devilclarke suggestion.

As you already have the Spark2, there is no point leaving it in the box “incase you need it” to access/ rescue your Vivokey account, safer, smaller and more sterile to leave it in your body somewhere…


It’s a cryptobionic implant with plug and play AES128 bit strong in vivo cryptography that acts as an authentication mechanism for the VivoKey SaaS platform that also can be enrolled with access systems that support the ISO14443A standards.

Hope that simplifys things for you :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


might double check your spelling there, friend :wink:


@Pilgrimsmaster thank you very much, lots of reading to do now and get back to yall lol



@amal / anyone in the know, is there any point to having a spark if you plan on getting 2 Apex chips? Like I have been tempted, and I wish I had got one of the bundles with it in as that would have been much smarter. But I don’t know if it’s worth the extra investment and loss of real-estate if I already plan on getting multiple Apex chips as I assume the 2nd one would also act as a backup authentication mechanism.

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It would. There are a couple people that are contemplating getting a X and a Flex for this reason


Probably not with the Spark 2, but I’m keeping my Spark 1 because it’s ISO15693 which has its uses.


Yeah I wish you still sold those, there are some locks that look cool only take them :frowning:

I feel like I have read this somewhere but can’t refind it, why did you move away from ISO14443A?


haha, I just saw that, and thought I wonder if anyone else did, checked and… yep, you did, good spotting, changing now :+1:


Me too… but no uses yet.
I might have to move to the states, buy a gun, buy a ISO15693 gunsafe


Stay in NZ buy an ISO15693 gunsafe and i’ll fill it with lollies / candy :candy:



This is from the Vivokey forum


Thank you Mr index. :star::star::star::star::star:


Haha, This wont help my cause but,

Not a spark but it is ISO15693


Ohh neat, not sure how I missed that.
Still wish it was a spark purely because all my usecases for that are enrolling on locks so it would be nice to have the spark features.


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Out of curiosity, what actual Mifare chip am I talking to when I interact with a Spark2? Plus or Plus EV1?
Side question: will the Apex emulate it?

Are there any clues when you do a TagInfo scan?
Comparison table in this document