Purpose of the spark 2

Ohh neat, not sure how I missed that.
Still wish it was a spark purely because all my usecases for that are enrolling on locks so it would be nice to have the spark features.


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Out of curiosity, what actual Mifare chip am I talking to when I interact with a Spark2? Plus or Plus EV1?
Side question: will the Apex emulate it?

Are there any clues when you do a TagInfo scan?
Comparison table in this document

I don’t have a Spark2, hence the question.

AH gotcha, apologies.
I don’t have one either, but maybe somebody with one will see my post above and be able to answer for you if Amal doesn’t see it first…

I thought it was obvious, as I want to know what I buy before buying - not to mention, implanting. But then I seem to be in a minority :slight_smile:

While you’re 100% correct, I didn’t do this. Spark isn’t one I’ll use regularly and i considered it free in an implant bundle. Got it not because I wanted one, but because it didn’t cost me anything extra. I’m not too keen on self implanting, and to get my installer to inject it into me would have been $75, which is more than I valued having it inside me at. Rather than living in a syringe in the box, I decided that this is my ‘VitroKey’ backup to my ‘VivoKey’ for when I get an Apex.

It lives in my wallet, so for the time being its on me most days when I leave the house, but was $75 cheaper to do it that way. Once I get an Apex, it’ll move into my safe.

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I’m a bit late to this party it seems, but I have my Spark 2 in my left forearm. Right now I only use it to log into this forum (and the vivokey one, but that’s not nearly as active yet as this one). I positioned it so I could easily scan it with my phone in my right hand for once some of the other features, like the upcoming password manager come out, and generally as a backup for my vivokey account once Apex drops, since I plan on getting one of those (maybe even 2?) for my right hand.

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It’s an ntag413, so not mifare. The Apex won’t emulate it.


Okay thanks! Nifty little chip. Can it be ordered with no key 0 set?

Sorry not from us… but… we might be able to work something out for key 2. It’s always been “reserved” with the idea being that we might eventually release it to customers.

Once Apex is out we may consider an open DT product based on the ntag424… but given our experience with the xDF2, maybe you and 2 other people might actually be interested in doing something with it… I mean, the DESFire chip (both ev1 and ev2) have some powerful features, including encrypted sessions, but nobody uses any of those features… people basically just create a maximum size NDEF file that eats up all 8k and then store a vCard with photo on it :wink:

If you’re really all hot and bothered for an unprovisioned ntag413 I may still have a couple sitting around. Not likely, but I will check.


How odd that someone would want a crypto chip just to store plain data on it…

I am considering implanting it as my very own crypto engine for my own personal use - unencumbered by anybody else’s key of course, you know me… And of course, I would code what’s needed for that to happen. Hence my question about the Apex possibly emulating it, so that whatever I code would possibly be reused by those other 2 people who might want to do the same thing :slight_smile:

Well if you find one without a key 0 set and the price is right, I’ll buy it from you. But don’t turn the house upside down just to find one.

Or a copy of a Last Will and Testament and or a Death note to a loved one


some top secret government info stored in plain.txt to Stealthfully penetrate across the de-militarized zone into a “friendly” allied country before being flown out at 2am under the cover of darkness, in a Blackhawk helicopter flying below the radar, nap of the earth until finally reaching actual friendly airspace landing at a disused airfield and onto a unregistered gulfstream and onto… wait I’ve said too much.
Bail out bail out


I haz plans
I’ll get to them eventually.


oh well… i mean… my answer as to the Apex not being able to emulate the ntag413 is no because emulation is about basically being the chip in question, supporting all the commands, spitting out UIDs on ISO14443A session select… basically being a perfect copy of the chip… that’s a no… however… you could very easily set up your own applet to do whatever the heck you wanted… AES challenge / response? absolutely… 3DES, why not… RSA/ECC public key crypto? hell make it gen the keys internally so you don’t have to worry about generating and possibly compromising the key on an external general computing system… you can do a metric shit-ton of all kinds of crypto stuff of your own design on the Apex… just not perfectly emulate an entire ntag413 NFC chip :wink:

Sounds to me like maybe you’d be satisfied with the Apex. Fidesmo is only involved in deploying your applet to the chip, but they have no visibility as to what goes on with it once deployed. Check into their developer accounts and APIs.

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Yeah, well, I hear you. The few words I’ve had with them seem to indicate they’re okay people. And I understand what they (and you) are trying to build, and the technical limitations it entails if they want to provide a convincingly secure platform for real-world applications.

But the idea of some mandatory third party wedged between my compiler and my implant, to deploy code I made strictly for my purpose using an API they control just plain gets under my skin. I’m sort of okay with it to enjoy services that are outside my control, as you know, but not if the provider and the consumer are me, myself and I.

Sorry, I just can’t help it. I’m one of the Richard Stallman generation - and yes, Stallman is an annoying prick :slight_smile:

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That’s generally where I like my implants


I see what you did there :slight_smile:

yes, but he sings so well…

“This isn’t music. This is GNUsic.”