Putting both xEM and xNT in one hand

I’ll preface I already have one xEM implant in my right hand. I wanted to purchase and xNT for my left, but noticed there was a sale on the “Cyborg transformation kit” for $50 dollars, cheaper than 1 xNT, and only a dollar more than one xEM. I ended up buying the kit.

Is it advisable to put both a xEM and a xNT between my thumb and forefinger on my left hand? If not, do you guys have ideas for other good spots for the other chip?

EDIT: Yes, I know the “combo” chip would’ve been the best choice, but I only ended up buying the bundle due to the price savings, which wouldn’t have applied had I gotten the 2-in-1 chip.


If you have enough room there, it is advised a minimum of 5mm between implants and 3mm between implant and bone, but yeah, you can put them together :v: otherwise anywhere else in the hand is good!

Naming convention for implant locations in the hand


Doable. Not advisable. I did mine 12+ months between the first and second.