Putting xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216] After Three Months


I got device xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216] in April’17 & received in early May’17. But in India, I did not find any person to put in my hand due to which this is taking time.

I’m going have this in next few days. I hope, this delay would not lead to any issue while putting in hand.

Please confirm.

You’re fine. The chips don’t degrade in any way over time. The only possible concern would be for sterility if you took it out of the sterile packaging and played with it. Otherwise, inject and be happy. :smiley:

I’m really only good for the health perspective, but biomedically speaking you should be fine.
The only real concern would be sterility, which degrades with time even in the best packagings. However, a few months shouldn’t affect it in any meaningful way, there might be an expiration date on the packaging (if you’re unsure you could always have a clinic autoclave it or otherwise sterilise it for you).
As long as you’ve been keeping the package safe and indoors for the while, you’ll be just fine ^^

Yes, as long as you do not open the polyplastic bag the kit comes in, or mishandle it (crush it, squeeze it, etc.), then fragile paper sterilization pouch should maintain sterility. It does have an “expiration date” on it though, which is 5 years after processing. There should be a processing data stamped on the pouch, which you may not be able to see until you open the poly bag… but even our oldest pouches are still good until Feb 2018.

Thanks guys! I’ve finally injected in my hand. Quick question: having this chip in body, can this may be issue while traveling on airports or checking areas?

Read the FAQ, bro. This and many other questions you may have are answered in it.

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