Pw Protected T5577 Chips

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to the Proxmark3 game but I’m a fast learner. I ordered these T5577 chips ( and I’m having trouble detecting any of them. They’re reading as EM 410x chips but my Proxmark3 Easy can’t detect them as T55xx. I suspect they are password protected.

I’ve read every article imaginable and tried all the passwords I could find online (as well as running lf t55xx chk with the proxmark dictionary of passwords) with no luck. Does anyone have any idea on how I could unlock them? I’ve tried wiping them in test mode, re-writing them as EM chips but nothing works.

The seller told me I had to use one of these devices (which was not clear on the ad):

Looks like the same (unresolved problem) over here: HID Proxy clone using Proxmark3

Thank you!!

Forgot to mention that my PM3 reads/write the T5577s that came with it no problem - and I did try brute forcing but that would take forever. :frowning:

very much could be em4305 (similar to t5577) check out the commands specifying lf em 4305 :wink:

try those commands out as suggested

You sound like you know what you are doing, it was implied in your question but just to confirm, you tried the following commands?

lf t5 detect

lf t5 wipe

Thank you both - no luck on any of the lf em 4x05 commands unfortunately (I had to change 4305 to 4x05 for my Proxmark version).

lf em 4x05 info/dump/sniff/read -a #, etc. have no result.

lf em 4x05 chk runs through the password dictionary with no result.

I ordered them hoping they’d be T5577 chips but they don’t appear to be working EM 4305 chips either (though I’m not really familiar with those) - unless they’re password protected.

lf em 410x reader works and returns the following, though I can’t write it as a 410x chip:

[usb] pm3 --> lf em 410x reader
[+] EM 410x ID 3D00D51E2C

I have yep! I’ve been through basically all the lf t5 commands with no luck on any of the chips. :frowning:

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I mean… to me it just looks like you got sent em4102 chips instead of what you were hoping for.

I think you’re right, now that I’ve tried pretty much everything I’m pretty confident they just sent me EM4100 chips instead of the EM4305/T5577 I ordered. Very annoying for my first proxmark experience lol but a good learning opportunity! Thanks all!