Pyramid Card Read / Clone Issue

Hey all.
Trying to clone a Card, that reads as a Pyramid card
Issue im having is, the card reads as follows
Pyramid - len: 70 -unknown- Card: xxxxx, Raw:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Be aware i removed the card code, and raw data…
my issues im having is the -unknown- im assuming that Facility code…
I cant clone with NO FC, and when i enter 0 for FC, the raw data is wrong and doesnt match…
i cant see any CLI to allow me to write WITHOUT FC…
please help
PS im usiing the PM3 Easy, and the PM3 software


Personally I am not familiar with Pyramid.
And I don’t have a card to test on.

Can you confirm it is Low Frequency.

Is it also called Fairpointe?
does it look like these?


Hopefully somebody here can help you, if not I’ll send you a link to somewhere else that will

No that doesnt look like the card. it looks like a standard “HID” Style Card… Although it DOES have the KERI logo on the back, WHEN i do a lf search, it comes back with PYRAMID as the type…
I will grab a picture of it when im back home, and yes its DEF LF, it does IN fact read lf, the ONLY portion missing is the FC

I don’t have a card to help you any further, but, just for clarity, I just had a look at the PM3 commands
( I uses lf py because incase you werent aware you only need to use enough letter that are unique to that specific option )

Here are your command options

[usb] pm3 --> lf py
help             this help
demod            demodulate a Pyramid FSK tag from the GraphBuffer
reader           attempt to read and extract tag data
clone            clone pyramid tag to T55x7 or Q5/T5555
sim              simulate pyramid tag

I assume you tried lf py reader first, correct?

then lf py clone

[usb] pm3 --> lf py clone

clone a Farpointe/Pyramid tag to a T55x7, Q5/T5555 or EM4305/4469 tag.
The facility-code is 8-bit and the card number is 16-bit.  Larger values are truncated.
Currently only works on 26bit

    lf pyramid clone [-h] --fc <dec> --cn <dec> [--q5] [--em]

    -h, --help                     This help
    --fc <dec>                     8-bit value facility code
    --cn <dec>                     16-bit value card number
    --q5                           optional - specify writing to Q5/T5555 tag
    --em                           optional - specify writing to EM4305/4469 tag

And you used the results from the lf py reader in this format below

    lf pyramid clone --fc 123 --cn 11223
    lf pyramid clone --fc 123 --cn 11223 --q5       -> encode for Q5/T5555 tag
    lf pyramid clone --fc 123 --cn 11223 --em       -> encode for EM4305/4469

but with your lf py reader you are not getting the facility code, is that all correct?

When we get into these types of cards and fobs where it’s one company like Keri but the data looks like a Pyramid, then I always suggest testing the source card / fob to see if it’s a T5577 by using lf t5 detect

If it does test as a T5577 then you can just use the t5 dump and restore commands to make a perfect clone of it.


So i am trying to do this now finally…
lf search comes up
Checking for known tags…
[+] Pyramid - len: 70 -unknown- Card: 2xxx0, Raw: xxxxxxxx
[+] Valid Pyramid ID found!
I redacted the codes but they did come in

pm3 → lf t5 detect
[!] Could not detect modulation automatically. Try setting it manually with ‘lf t55xx config’

[usb] pm3 → lf t55xx config
[=] — current t55xx config --------------------------
[=] Chip type… T55x7
[=] Modulation… ASK
[=] Bit rate… 0 - RF/8
[=] Inverted… No
[=] Offset… 0
[=] Seq. terminator… No
[=] Block0… 00000000 (n/a)
[=] Downlink mode… default/fixed bit length
[=] Password set… No

I am struggling to clone this, can you please help
the card is STAMPED Keri

Circling back to this… so you haven’t tried the pyramid clone command?

lf pyramid clone

The t5 menu is not where cloning functions reside :slight_smile:

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