Question about NExT and powercards @ Dave and Busters

So I finally installed my NExT chip and patiently waiting for the apex. So I’m a Senior Game Technician at Dave and Busters. The card swipe system set up on all the games allows myself and my game technicians to credit the games and run diagnostics on them via NFC wristbands. We’ve also recently introduced it on the powercards that guests have so they can just tap their card and play games. I’m not too worried about the playing games part but I was really hoping that I could use my NExT to access the technician menu. I’ve tried to copy my powercard (this is what the game cards are called) with a few different applications but every time I try it says NDEF is empty. I tried searching around but it seems like I’m the first employee in the entire company to try this as there seems to be no traces on the internet about Dave and Busters and implants.

Here’s the info for the card in question. Let me know if any other info is needed. I’m really hoping this works for the mindblown factor when I have to fix a game and can just tap my hand on it.


So looks like it is not formatted as NDEF. It is an ultralight so the NExT is not compatible it uses an NTAG216. Having said that they follow the same basic memory structure (There NFC type 2 tags).
As long as it only cares about the data on the card [04]-[0F] there should and not the UID then you may be able to just write that raw data onto your NExT. Not sure how to do that without NFC shell though which is fairly risky.
I would also delete the post if that card is an actual scan of a technicians card if you consider it to be sensitive as if it is cloneable then anyone with that full scan can do so.

NDEF is rarely used for anything security related…mostly because it’s not secure.

Note that “NDEF” is just a standardized way of formatting data so other devices know how to read it. The data on the card doesn’t have to be NDEF formatted.

How does the game know that a diagnostic card is different than a regular game cards? When you get a new game, it just automatically works or do you have to enroll your card to it?

it’s not super sensitive as it’s tied directly to the location I’m at and if something does happens it’s easy to disable that card and create a new one. I already planned on disabling it and using a new card if it turned out possible. May I ask why NFC shell is risky? Is there a chance it could brick my implant if I do something wrong?

We have to go into the system that monitors the cards and enable it as a technician card, so it allows access to a tech menu instead of just crediting a game. Physically it’s the exact same as a normal card.

Sounds like it’s UID based. You could write new data to the memory and see if that disabled your ability to use it as a technician card

Have you tried scanning your hand and enabling it in the system?

Yes usually, although the NExT is protected I think. So should not issue afaik now I think about it.

Not yet as that involves going to the “higher-ups” in IT. I have access to them and may be able to convince them to allow it I was just trying to do this before I got them involved if possible. Plus im just curious and like doing stuff like this.

Looks like I may try NFC shell when I get home. I’m still new to all this NFC stuff so I’ll have to do some research first. I’m gonna email the head of IT for our company and see if he would be willing to give my hand access too just as a back up.

It likely uses the UID as @Satur9 said. There are no NTAG implants with a changeable UID (yet) so you would likely need it.
To test if it is UID based you could write a NDEF url or something to the card with your phone and if the card still works then it’s definitely not using the data.
Or if you want to try cloning the data, I am happy to write out the commands for you and give it a test on a test card if you want? :slight_smile: or you can have a crack yourself.

Copy paste this into NFC shell on the phone and it will write the same data to your NExT as on the card you linked:

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I can’t copy any of that text, guess I’ll have to type it out.

Edit: cool now I can

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Better? I got rid of the spoiler tag. Might have messed it up.

Yeah I got it copied

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Well that didn’t work. I sent it to my hand but when I read the chip now there are a lot of additional blank rows. Also it didn’t work on the games, it’s recognizing it but just not accepting it.


It goes all the way to [E0] now

Cool, yeah, it is just that your chip is bigger. Looks like it worked perfectly. Definitely looking like it is UID based so you need them to get it register in the system.

Ok, guess I’ll have to try to convince these guys to allow it. Thanks for trying to help though!