Question about set up for the xHT HITAG S2048 Chip

So I’m about to buy the xHT HITAG S2048 Chip and I would like to know what i need to buy in addition to set it up with contactless payments.
Also any info on exactly how I do that would be appreciated.
I can’t seem to find many resources online, that cover more than how to implant it.

It can’t do payment. It’s a specific type of low frequency chip that is / was commonly used for security applications before more capable and secure chips became available. It supports 2048bits if memory and a 40 bit challenge response scheme, which by today’s standards is considered insecure.

Just a question buddy, what put you onto that train of thought?
Being able to use an xHT for payment?

The xHT isn’t a very popular implant but it can do some specialised functions, but if you dont have a specific need for one, I would be happy to suggest something that might be of more use to you.

If it’s only payment that you are after, that will depend on what country you are in. :earth_americas:

If you have RFID systems that you use for work / school / home, if you can provide some detail around them I can hopefully suggest a couple of options for you. Some of them may even be blinky

Hiya so I found it on the dangerous things products page. It’s the cheapest one that says it can do payments.
Are u sure I can’t?
What would u you suggest would be the lowest price chip that dose payments?

The dangerous things website says it can make payments.
And I would appreciate the advice:)
I’m in the UK, and am looking for the cheeper option of chip that supports payments.
Blinky would be a bonus:D, but I’d imagin that would be alot more expensive.

As an assise, I think I’ve seen separate chips that are specifically just LEDs that are alot cheeper.
Are these good? Bc they look fun af!

Ah just reread it, it’s talking about some card when it says about contactless reading, how stupid of me.

Not at all buddy, Don’t feel bad, There is A LOT to learn when you you first jump in, that’s why we generally try to get people to read the technology primer, it covers, most ( if not all ) questions Newbies tend to ask

Hi, so it sounded like there wasn’t a good option for a payment implant outside of the EU, is this correct?
Sadly I’m in the UK, lol so close and yet so far.