Question about writing to SIID with NFC Tools

Highly unlikely, But If it was a mistake at DT’s end, Their Customer service is second to none, they WILL sort you out.

FYI the order of brightness is the same order as the image below.
Brightest on the Left ( Green ) to less bright on the Right.

Give it some more time to heal before contacting DT

If you need to, use the web page help

image image

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It’s almost certainly due to the swelling. Just give it a few days. Your body can do lifesaving triage (closing the wound hole) in a few hours, but the rest of the healing proccess takes days or weeks. The swelling will go down and It’ll show up Green soon enough.


Can you take a photo and post?

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Almost certainly swelling or pooled blood, take a picture and post would help alot.


It was kinda hard to get a good quality pic. But I’m really afraid this was not the green light it was supposed to be, it’s not bright at all and not green at all. What do you guys think?

We might need @amal to have a look at that.

While you wait, could you please download
TagInfo by NXP
and scan it then and share the page info

Is this the correct page?

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Yes but the tag seemed to be taken away too soon. See how it said aborted: tag disappeared.

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I rescanned

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Well you are obviously able to couple well with the SIID since you managed to write a new record to it. I take it there was no green hint from the light even when writing to it?

Yeah I can write and read just fine, but the light is not green, I’m afraid it could be the amber one which is why it’s so dim and has no color and definitely not the one I wanted.

Definitely doesn’t look like mine, but a sample of 1 is not to be relied on.

Seems like a thing for @amal and/or @mdanger to look at.

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I haven’t actually seen an amber, your photos are quite dark.

you have confirmed that it is xSIID
and it is reading fine…I think we may need to wait a little longer for it to heal, but I would have expected to see at least a hint of green in it.
Just to have your ducks lined up, can you check that your invoice says green.

Don’t get too stressed, currently you have a working xSIID and I guarantee you that
@amal or @mdanger to come to the rescue when they see this.


Use the method I said above to contact them, and put in your order/invoice number and maybe a link to this thread

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You can read this while you wait

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Thank you for your help and suggestions, it is appreciated. The invoice and the box both said green. This would be the second mix-up with this same order if I was sent the wrong color. I was originally sent the wrong chip all together. The Next was shipped to me by accident and Amal personally made sure they got the green SIID to me, if it’s not actually green it just really bums me out.

Interesting, never really noticed before, I have never seen that angle discussed for an iPhone.

Yeah it seems i was sent the amber in the green box, because mine lights up that color pictured above dimly. :frowning: I’m pretty sad about it because it would have been my last choice of colors

Understandable, If I were in your shoes, I would be a little disappointed, but mistakes happen, But knowing how good their customer service is, I would sit back and wait for my replacement and thinking how it actually worked out in my favour and whereabouts in my other hand I will put the new one.
(I can’t speak for DT, but there’s a good chance you will be getting an extra one for free) most of us would “kill” for a 2 for the price of one deal.
Double the Storage and double the Blinky half the price.
That’s a win in my books

That angle technically ‘works’ on my 11 Pro. It’s unreliable and finicky. It does look great in a promo image though, so it’s got that going for it…


Yeah I was going to save the other hand for Apex, whenever that drops, and I would be too nervous to pull this one out and replace it in one sitting, probably wouldn’t feel so great.