Question for a newbie about the lock of NFC chip



This is the data from my chip ;

Get Version: 00 04 04 02 01 00 13 03
Page 00: 04 B8 01 35
Page 01: 12 FF 38 84
Page 02: 51 48 00 00
Page 03: E1 10 6F 00
Page 04: 03 6F D1 01
Page 05: 6B 54 02 65

Page E2 :00 00 00 BD
Page E3 :04 00 00 FF
Page E4 :00 05 00 00

Now, I want lock my chip with the dangerous things programs but one question, I just need to tape my new password ( 4 digits, exemple 9988) and scan my chip and it’s protect? I’m afraid to make that and lock for life my chip…

Thanks you very much



Hi Nico,

Yes, just enter your desired password in to the Dangerous NFC app and scan. It will do the rest to disable your lock bytes and protect your configuration pages with your password, but leave the user writable memory open for read/write operations.


Ok, I have try but this message come ; error Bad Capability container E1 10 6F 00

What is that?


hmm… yeah… that is a bad CC… it should be 6D not 6F in the 3rd byte. What chip is this? Where did you get it?


It’s a xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216]

On the dangerous things site :slight_smile: Order #9496

You can help me?


Have you used any other scanners or reader/writers on it yet? Any possibility it was modified by something beforehand?

The CC is a page of OTP bytes that can only be flipped from 0 to 1, but not back again… so the 6D is 0110 1101 in binary, and 6F is 0110 1111… so something flipped that one bit, and it’s not able to be recovered.

The 6D byte in the CC is a size indicator. It tells NFC readers the amount of memory available for NDEF data. It’s values are laid out on page 16 of the NTAG specifications, but I’ll post it here for easy reference;

Are you sure this is an xNT chip? From the support scan, it doesn’t appear to be. The order checks out, and we did ship you an xNT, but the scan data does not appear correct for the xNT.


I have just log my chip with my computer, with islog community

I take contact with you by email. I re-send the scan data of chip