Question for other implantees

My girlfriend and i were talking she is a massage therapist and wondered if people would say anything about implants or not.
So If you were to tell a professional working on your body about your implants would you tell

  • A Doctor
  • A Massage therapist
  • Neither
  • Both

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Not to pick “other” but

“If they are working in the area”

If I’m taking to a dr about my shattered wrist… yea I’d probably mention the implants in it… unless I actively want to fuck with him or the X-ray tech

I’m currently seeing a PT about an abdominal muscle injury… and it only JUST came up… mostly because of conversation… I didn’t feel any need to share with what we being worked on


That’s reasonable. That was my answer.
What about if it was a full body massage (so hand massage or where implants are)?

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I selected both, but like @Eriequiet I would not just walk into the massage therapists and say “I have an implant in my hand” if they were going to be working on my shoulders.

So, both if relevant, or the subject came up, but neither if it was not relevant and the subject didn’t come up.


I purposely have not told massage therapists to see if they say anything. None ever have despite working directly over the area such that they clearly should have felt them.

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This exactly. I see it as doctors are always busy. So the less of their time I take up with pleasantries and idle chitchat the quicker a concern can be addressed and they can see the next patient. Not to say that pleasantries and chitchat shouldn’t happen, that is just my personal preference when visiting doctors offices. I hate the wait so I try to keep others from having to do the same.


I get that it was for science and what not…

Maybe it’s just me, or that a few of my x series sit a bit close to tendons and stuff…

But that doesn’t sound enjoyable… I feel like I would
Tell them so they don’t man handle my implants

I got a massage last night, and I didn’t tell them about the implants. She should’ve felt the two in my left hand but it didn’t stop her. She went a bit agressive too where I was a little concerned but didn’t stop her. It seems like one implant in P0 moved a tiny bit but unconfirmed. I should’ve made a mark to test that beforehand. It didn’t hurt though. If I had a flexy, maybe I would tell them since there were durability issues with bending and pressure, though I think those are resolved already.
Like mentioned before, I’d only tell the doc if the issue was near my implant, or fuck with the x-ray tech then tell the doc too XD

I just saw a doctor today about getting one of my tags removed and he was like a kid in a candy shop, asking all the right questions. But I saw a different doctor last week and he was mortified as if he was talking to satan himself, even starting berating me over it. It seems like calling it an nfc tag instead of an nfc chip yields better results. And I think the less people that know the better unless it’s someone that you really trust.



It seems like its partially sitting in a muscle and its starting to hurt a bit, I still have my NExT and am looking forward to the apex. Got a bit overconfident after I did the first one and messed up the placement of the Vivokey.