Question regarding Flex product "extended range"

I’d like to have the vivokey spark installed in the fleshy part in between my thumb and index finger, and a flexDF2 installed in the same hand, either on top of the first bone in my middle finger or in the fleshy part running parallel to my pinky finger.

I’m cool with the placement options, but i’m worried that the extended range of the flexDF2 will result in it being detected when trying to use the spark. I know ISO 14443A has anticollision but i would like to reduce the possibilities of collisions anyway since, unless i’m misunderstanding the spec, the reader has to do the anticollision and i don’t want to have to deal with cheaper readers not performing AC properly.

My backup location is going to be on the far side of my forearm, essentially the same position as the flesh running beside the pinky bone in the hand, but on the other side of the wrist. I don’t think I’ll have an issue with the placement there, but IMO it’s not a very convenient location.

So far I’ve decided on left hand xEM and flexNT, and right hand vivokey and flexDF. Super on the fence regarding the xM1, both need and placement. I can see the benefit of having a classic implant but don’t know where to put it. TBH if it was flex i’d buy it and deal with it later.

I have a NExT installed in the usual spot and a flexDF installed on the back of my wrist. Even with the extended range of the flex, you have to be pretty much right on top of it with the reader antenna, even with the more powerful ACR122U. You might have to worry about collision detection if you select the third metacarpal for the flexDF2, but you definitely won’t need to worry about it if it’s near the fifth.