Questionnaire for people with RFID implants

Hi everyone,

I’ve been talking with Badis Khalfallah about his work in the consumer behavior space with regard to augmentative technologies like RFID implants. He’s put together a quick set of questions that I think are worth taking a few minutes to answer. He’s collected similar input from people who do not yet have any aug tech like RFID implants, so there will be a cross analysis done to try to identify exactly what might make someone choose to augment themselves vs not.


There were a couple of unusually worded questions, plus one weird one and another that I was disappointed with.

Completed, hopefully it helps


I think that adding some questions regarding ownership of the implant could help provide more insight, my implants don’t invade my personal space in any way, but that would change if they were owned and controlled by someone else. And this is probably what most people think when they hear about RFID implants.

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