Questions about NeXT reading

Hi all.
I finally got approval from the wife to get a implant, and of course I went with the NeXT being the most recomended for first use.

Iv been messing around with mostly NFC (as I dont have any LF devices to use with it yet)
but iv found that im having a hard time getting the alignment right

I have a Samsung flip 3, and even though I know where the reader is, i still only have abuot a 25% hit rate when going to scan it to show people.
I just put it down to the phone having a smaller reader due to the split design, but even my wifes phone (samsung s21) has about a 50% hit rate

I showed a friend the other day and I had to spend what felt like too long trying to get it to line up, making the “hey let me show you something cool” line wear off as im rubbing my hand all over their phone going “trust me it works”

I got the two alignment tags with my package, but I think my HF one is damaged, as I dont get any reading from it even on the proxmark.
looking at it, it looks like theres a crack in the plastic, and it just doesnt look right inside, hard to explain.
but the fact I dont get any light when using it on the proxmark makes me think it is damaged.
Just for reference the LF one reads fine

So my first question is, what is the best alignment for the implant vs phones,
if I know the best alignment then I dont have to spend as long trying to move my hand around getting it to read

My second question is the LF part of the implant,
No matter what I try, I cant seem to get the proxmark to read it
im sure im doing something wrong, but following the guides and nothing seems to read
I cant even get it to seem to read the lf cards which came with the reader, so not sure if my reader is damaged?

Sorry if this is a obvious or already answered questions, still learning all of this

Here you go.

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Take a photo for us…
They are hollow glass capsules inside a plastic casing, not easy to damage…but anything is possible with enough force

It took a while before I could scan my NExT quickly. It rests in between my 4th and 5th metacarpal, I would feel it with my other hand to confirm where it sits, then use the edge of the phone to scan it. Now it’s muscle memory to scan with my phone. Trying to scan with someone else phone is a bit difficult unless they have the same phone as you.
Regarding the PM3, could try reflashing. Others here are more knowledgeable on that, but what OS are you using with the PM3?

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Hard to get a good photo of the chip with my phone (no macro mode)
but I have uploaded them here:
I also have a video here if that helps: - YouTube

Do you know what the best orientation is?
line the chip flat so its left to right compared to the phone
or up and down so its top to bottom with the phone?

Im using windows with the pm3, following the video guide on here
and I can scan the cards which came with it okay, and my work tag
its just the chip which I cant seem to scan, on either frequency.
The only solid thing I seem to be able to do so far is read and write NFC using my phone

Posted above for phone orientation with the Flip. Each phone is different.

With the PM3, perpendicular to the antenna is always the go to. There’s a way to make the PM3 search a few times to help find the right spot. Don’t quote me, hopefully someone corrects me though, I think it’s “LF search; LF search; LF search” and it should search 3 times. Can add more to help give you more time to find the sweet spot.

lf tune --mix is also useful for finding the best position/orientation for reading on the pm3. It will give you a bar graph and number. You are aiming to get the lowest number you can get to get the best read/write.

If you just want a delay before a command so you have time to position the pm3, you can use msleep [milliseconds] to add a delay. e.g. msleep 3000; lf search will wait 3 seconds, then perform an lf search.

These commands also have an hf version, just replace lf with hf in the commands.


Sorry, missed your original image.
The problem is that image isnt any good for what im finding real world
when I scan with my phone, i find it only scans in the bottom left corner, and still only 25% of the time.
I have to move it around and keep rotating till it scans.
I wonder if its installed just that little bit too deep for my phone.
Might just have to live with it.

When you say perpendicular with the PM3
that seems almost impossible to do with the way the chip is in the hand?
I do find thats when I do get the best signal using the LF tester chip, so I do get that
but if I have to somehow make the hand line up to do the same thing, how are you supposed to get that to work and the hand just gets in the way of any orientation like that

For scanning with your phone, you might just have to get used to it over time with trial and error. It definitely took a few attempts for me to scan each one of my chips before I started finding the correct placement that worked for me. It quickly became muscle memory after scanning it a bunch of times over a few weeks after the swelling went down.
For the PM3, you might need to pick up the device with your other hand and hold it against, or leave a little bit of gap over your implant. If you use the delay command that Stargazer mentioned, it will give you time after you hit enter to pick up and hold the device to your hand. I’m on vacation without my device otherwise I’d take a picture of the way I hold mine.

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I managed to find a thread online which talked about lining the chip with the side of the coil and not the middle.
And also showed about using the back of the PM3 for HF and not the part where it shows to put the card
tested and got a read on each LF and HF

So that helped
and now I know that works, i think that might be whats happening on my phone as well, and im lining it up with the edge of the coil without realising when it works in the bottom corner