Questions about shipping/handling time

Hello; I ordered an xLED yesterday and I’ve gotten an emailed receipt and an invoice so far. I was wondering how long it usually takes to process and get a tracking number?

It’s hard to say exactly, especially around the holiday season. :christmas_tree: :partying_face:
However, as an example, my last couple of orders, went something like this…
Order and instant Receipt
Next Day Invoice
a few days later Order complete email with a Tracking Number and goods arrived a couple of days later.
If you have any further questions, just ask

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In terms of handling, do you mean the time it takes for the implant to be admitted by the body?
To work without risking a trip around 2 months.

We’re dealing with some serious backlog from the Cyborg Monday sale and Christmas break… but we are getting caught up. Thanks for you patience :wink:

Thanks for the info :grinning:
I’m so excited!

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