Questions about the chip

Im still new to this and have lots of questions. So, can you track this chip by chance? Or is it just to unlock things and thats all?

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No. You cannot “track this chip”

The chip is powered by the device scanning it and the range is normally less than an inch in terms of how far away the scanning device can be.

It has no GPS or battery (not feasible in something this small).

The different chips have different uses, i have an xNT that i use to get through the barriers at work, but i also have my contact information on for people to scan at conferences etc.

There are a few chips with many uses:
The VivoKey range for example have security applications and can do encryption tasks on the chip, the xEM is mainly for access control, xBT can be used to measure your body temp, the xNT can store small amounts of data.

Hope this helps!