Questions about xNT chip

Hey all! I just got done getting my xNT chip implanted to my right hand in the “standard” spot. I just have a few questions.

  1. Do i need to wait for it to heal to read/write to the chip?
  2. How do i know its actually in the right spot? (i.e. not too deep into the tissue)
  3. Will the chip move around as it heals?
    Any and all responses are greatly appreciated!

Not necessarily, if it reads and writes then you’re good mate, chances are there’s a bit of swelling and you may not be able to.

This really just depends on how your body reacts but yes there’s a chance it will move towards or away from the injection sight.


I tried using my nfc tools app and it wont pick up the chip so im going to wait a week or so and try again

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Ibuprofen will help with the swelling

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What phone and are you using a case?

I was able to read the chip after implant when I took my phone case off. Also had to play around with orientation till I figured out the sweet spot.

Welcome to the club!!!

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Yeah, sounds like swelling to me, I’m glad you are relaxed about it.

Don’t forget to check the Phone Wiki to get a headstart on what and how to try.
If your phone is not on there and you figure out the best orientation etc. it would be cool if you can contribute ( here is fine, I’ll update the wiki )
:+1:t2: Anyway let us know how it goes…

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