Questions for those people who have a lot of implants

I’ve seen several posts from people who have at least 5 implants on the same hand. Now i want to ask…

  1. How do you make sure interference isn’t an issue? Like how do you make sure your reader isn’t reading the wrong implant, lets say you have multiple 13.56 MHz implants near each other and your reader supports many different 13.56 MHz chips?

  2. Wouldn’t implanting a X series on another part of the top of hand that isn’t the 0 position be a problem because of bones nearby?

  3. Just as a survey, what are you using each chip for?

Disclaimer: I am not one of the people who has >5 implants in a hand, hell I only have 2 in position L0, one of which is an xLED. Saying that, I hope my answers help, and I also hope those with many implants chime in.

  1. xSeries implants have quite limited range. IDK if you have any implants (quick look at profile didn’t show much either way), but you’ll find with many readers, there’s quite a small ‘sweet spot’. Often what happens is that the main / everyday use implants get put somewhere like position 0 or position 5, where they can be used by wall mounted readers, and then the rest of them are for personal use with a phone. E.g. multiple xSIID of various colours. Obviously, flex series devices are much harder to space, although angles make a massive amount of difference so knifes edge to back of hand is just fine.

  2. Yep, it can occasionally be an issue due to bones / tendons. IIRC, up until recently DT only recommended position 0 for xSeries devices, maybe that is still the case. Regardless, many people have tried other positions and been quite successful too. Often what happens is that implants will migrate to the most comfortable / least disturbed spot unless held in place, and tbh, if you don’t need a specific location, you’d probably be best just letting them migrate. Remember, it varies person to person, especially based on how elastic your skin is and how fleshy / big your hands are.

  3. This I cannot personally answer, however I can repost this from here.

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here is Vicarios’ X-Ray when he ONLY had 14


and later image with ONLY 22


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Hopefully in January I can get a new x-ray :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As of yesterday I qualify for this thread lol

9 in my left
5 in my hand

How to keep implants from interfering?
Keep like frequencies away from being right next to each other

Being able to add a 90° rotation between locations helps also

Pinky side of hand, thumb side of hand, top of hand, bottom of wrist etc

Red is low frequency blue is high frequency
(Some this plan has changed but you get the idea


Thanks. And yep, I saw that post which prompted me to ask this.