Questions from a beginner to an expert

  • First question, can I order delivery to Russia or is it no longer available?
  • How realistic is it to install the implant myself? There is only one center in Russia where they can install it and it is far enough away to go there for the price of 10 implants.
  • Will VivoKey Spark 2 be suitable for writing a payment card with the tag ISO 14443-4 NXP Mifare Plus. The card has IsoDep, NfcA technology.
  • Is there any lifespan for the implant?

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It is not reccomended
We all understand the difficulties some people experience.

  • Basically, the party line is DON’T
  • But, unofficially, we would prefer you had the best information available to you.
  • So, If you “have to”, then get somebody to help you, medically or piercing trained would be preferable.
  • some reference material below

Not going to happen unfortunately.
Thats a whole other discussion.

Our implants will outlive us all


Thank you!

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