Questions from a newbie!

I just purchased a Proxmark3 Easy and have been messing around with it for about a week. I’ve learned quite a bit but still have a handful of quick questions! Wondering if there’s anyone online who can help answer these in the thread, would be open to jumping on a 10 min Zoom call, or if you’re in the Vancouver Canada area, even better. :slight_smile:

Question examples:

  • Offline mode: settings /modes?, leds, temp storage (possible to read, store offline and then go back to PC), storage without power or with power only?
  • HID tags: Wipe hid success… but fails, rewritable? password on re-write?
  • T557 test card: Card doesn’t show up on lf reader but shows up on hf reader as 125Khz? (Indala ID). I didn’t think the hf could pick up a lf card. Also building fob reader doesn’t recognize it (so is must not be 125khz, right?). But… I thought all T557 were 125Khz? Im lost haha!
  • LF: Brute? write? demod? (what do these mean in real world applications)
  • Settings: Tag found is HID Prox ID and chipset is EM4x05 / EM4x69. The ‘hint’ is to use lf em 4x05 command but when would I instead use lf hid command instead (to clone, etc)?
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Update 1: Found some answers about the led meanings : Handy Dandy Tips and Tricks - #16 by Concorde

What command are you using to read the chip? Some target HF, some LF, and some both.

A chip showing up as “indala” is mostly a false positive. Try it again and you will get a different id. Proof that it isn’t a real read.

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It seems that I changed the card type before which made it not readable. Did the same thing a re-writeable fob I got, I switched it back with “lf em 410x clone --id 0FB68543F0” and it’s now readable again!

Here’s the issue… when I try to clone my HID Prox ID fob (HID KeyScan 36-bit) to the EM410x ID (HoneyWell IdentKey) fob I purchased, the EM fob is no longer recognized by the proxmark3 (and also doesn’t beep next to my apartment reader).

How do I correctly switch this EM fob to HID mode? / any thoughts? Im lost :sweat_smile:
Any help is much appreciated!

For reference this is the fob I am trying to clone: HID 1346 ProxKey III
and this is the new fob I’d like it cloned to:

I will defer to the others here with more experience but when I googled the 5200 chip, it does not seem compatible with HID formats. It seems to be a rewritable EM chip.

If I am right then you need to get a fob with a T5577 chip as that is compatible with HID.

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That’s it! I’m sure you’re right @TSMC55. Thanks for the info


There might be other chips but the T5577 can be programmed to pretend to be almost any low frequency chip. It can be an EM or an HID or…


Awesome, thanks for the info! As far as a few other question, do you happen to know much about Standalone mode. From what I understand, the PM3 will read and emulate rfid tags, but will not clone them in a standalone mode (is this correct?). If this is the case, can the PM3 be started in standalone mode via usb power, scan an rfid tag and then either:
a) save the tag to memory for later. Recall the tag when plugged in to laptop and clone
b) live emulation (saved) and keep PM3 on battery power, plug into laptop via main usb and then transfer tag info (if possible)

Would love to get clarification on this. Thanks :raised_hands:

There are a bunch of different options for standalone mode. They don’t all work the same, so your best bet is to read the documentation and play around with standalone mode.

Standalone mode

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