Questions on my first implant(s) (flexMN vs NExT)

Hello, I am a newbie.
I have looked into getting an implant, notably the NExT implant, which has the NTAG216 chip and T5577 chip. However, upon closer inspection of this website’s offerings, I have noticed the flexMN, which also has a T5577 chip, as well as a Magic NTAG (21x?) chip that is capable of emulating the NTAG216 chip among others. This raises a question for me: is it worthwhile to get a NExT or forgo it in favor of the flexMN?
In addition to this question, I have three others: does the “magic” part of the Magic NTAG refer to a writable sector 0, like in the xM1, or not? Additionally, if the flexMN is objectively superior to the NExT, when can I expect the flexMN to be back in stock? (Most likely a question Amal)

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The flexMN won’t be back in stock… the chip is so unstable, it is almost guaranteed to stop working if you try to change emulation too many times. Even if you don’t want to change emulation, it would often times not work to write or read, or would get some data out and then bork the session… it is just a shitty chip and we don’t want to work with it :slight_smile: