Questions on Titan install

I just recently bought a Titan magnet and currently waiting on it.
This is the first time I’m getting anything (piercing, tattoo, implant) and Im planning on doing it myself, as I’m pretty interested in these things.
So I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and still have a few questions.

  • I want to implant it in a versatile and also very sensitive place and that would of course probably be the finger, I have thinner fingers so the best place is on the pad, but I’m worried about feeling it when picking things up. Do you actually feel it or is it something your brain blends out? Would more off to the side be better?
    I also don’t want it to be very visible which seems to be a bigger problem with the Titans size.

  • Next what about depth? I’m always hearing about the width and length of a pocket but never a measurement of how deep. I’m assuming this also effects how large the bump is (deeper smaller) but also sensitivity (deeper less). Also is there a risk with going too deep?

  • What about veins? I can see them by lighting up the top of my finger. Is it bad if they are hit with the scalpel? Should I avoid them?

  • I’m seeing people create the pocket with tampers (maybe it’s called something else), that seems too brutal, would a long pointy scalpel be good for that, to just make a clean cut under the skin to make the pocket? Also I see people using blunt scalpel for the initial incision, is this better than a pointy one?

  • Last, if all goes well. How long the the Titan sensitive for? Or expected to be?

Many thanks for the replies.
Absolutely love how well made the Titan is in comparison to other sensing magnets.

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I do not recommend self-installs in general, and especially not a Titan one in the fingertip…
If you mess things up, you’ll end up with problems - especially in the fingertip, there is no room for errors at all, you might damage nerves permanently, and that’s not a good thing. Plus, the Titan is quite a big boy, and it wont fit into every finger.

Nope, you will usually cause more damage with a scalpel than with a blunt tool - the goal is to separate the skin from the underlying tissue, and if you make a cut, you might just cut through that tissue as well, thus going to deep or in a strange angle.

That varies between installers, I guess you can take whatever works for you.

edit: oh damn, and I forgot - welcome!


basically, with a scalpel you’ll be trying to carefully fillet yourself while bleeding and slowly going into shock. Even with the best pain killing agents at work, no pain doesn’t mean the body and nervous system isn’t reacting to the trauma. Trying to separate tissue layers with a scalpel is very difficult even for a steady practiced surgeon to do.


Where are you located? Might be someoneclose to you who can help, or recommend an installer.


This was my experience with my Titan installs. Spent almost the entire time of the install alternating between chills, sweat, and a loud rushing sound in my ears. It wasn’t comfortable by any means but Pineapple did his job quick and they gave me a cup of room temperature sugar water which helped.

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I can vouch for this when I had to cut out my IAR magic implant. Turns out the rushing sound in your ears is your blood pressure dropping. That’s where accidents happen if you black out. I had to lie on the floor with my legs up for a few minutes to ensure I could keep consciousness and then finish the extraction.

I installed my Titan a couple of days ago and just as Amal says; even though the numbing cream was exceptional, my body was clearly responding to trauma. Thanks to a lot of planning I got the install completed in under 10 minutes. After which I still needed a quick lay down.

For what it’s worth, there was never any problem with installing injectables.