Quick List of Android Apps


On another thread you mentioned that you mostly use your phone for read/write/messing with tags. Do you have a quick list of the apps you use and what you use them for?

Currently I have:

I’m slowly figuring out what they’re for and how to use them on a small assortment of cards I have, but a pointer to what the experts are using would be super helpful. TIA.

Nice list… I went ahead and edited and made links out of them all.

My list is the same, but also includes;

Personally I don’t use NFC Tools because it routinely fails to properly recognize or in some cases write to xNT and flexNT (NTAG216 chips) protected with Dangerous NFC.

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Awesome, thank you. I’ll DL those and start playing some more.

Also, I’m interested in flying up to Seattle and having you or someone you recommend doing a Vivokey in my finger when they become available.