Quick question - Watch band magic mifare tag

Good evening everyone,

So I would like to embed a magic gen2 tag into a watch band for my galaxy watch4 for hotel key cloning and whatnot. As of now it looks like I have 2 options, either buy a gen2 fob, melt it, and squish the antenna a bit into an oval shape so it fits, or source a gen2 chip and antenna separately and assemble it manually. Which option sounds more practical, or does anyone have a better idea?

Grab a fob like this, and you might not even need to melt anything

I’ve physically popped the entire transponder free in a coin of resin

Should be almost perfect size


I have some DESFire EV1 fobs and did the same thing with out of curiosity. Everything was potted in a black silicone like material. So I guess that this varies between manufacturers?

I should probably add that I’m no expert when it comes to potting compounds and conformal coatings…

So that sounds good but if it’s in a coin of resin that may be a bit of an issue. Would you mind measuring the diameter of one you have popped out to see if it would fit?

It was approximately an inch

The resin they used didn’t bond properly to the plastic shell, so I was able to wrench it free

Not sure your going to get it “inside” the watch… but maybe incorporate it into the band

It would definitely be the band, this is a galaxy watch 4. I heard from equip on the discord and they gave me a link to one that isn’t potted.