Quicksafe Compatibility

I am about to have my xNT implanted into my hand, and am looking for cool gadgets and such which can be used with it. I have been looking specifically at the Quicksafe hidden compartments, as Dangerous Things sells one of them here on the website. On DT, it states that it can be used with the xEM tag, but doesn’t say anything about the xNT tag. I was wondering if the Quicksafe compartments might work with the xNT tag, or if they are limited to the xEM?

Sorry @TimJC, the QuickSafe is only compatible with the xEM in EM mode (not HID mode).

So adding on to that, does that mean that if I were to get multiple Quicksafe products, then I would need one xEM implant per compartment? If I understand the technology correctly, that is.

Not at all… you can configure infinite devices to recognize your single xEM serial number (UID) as “authorized”.

Traditional metal keys and locks work in such a way that each lock is unique and can only accept a single unique key pattern. This means you must copy and distribute keys to authorized people, which also means when a person fails to return a key or the key becomes compromised, all remaining key holders must be issued new keys for that compromised lock. On the user site, it also means that a person must collect multiple keys, one for each lock they are authorized to access.

An RFID lock system works exactly the opposite way. Each RFID lock is identical, but can accept a large number of unique key IDs. Each RFID lock maintains a list of authorized IDs, and each key (ID) is unique. Therefore, a person only needs one RFID “key” they can add to each lock… and each lock can remove that ID from its list without having to re-issue keys to remaining “key” holders.

Make sense?