Quontic ring implant

So i had gotten a new ring as my old one didnt fit right i decided to open it. Is there a way to make this a implant Processing: 16720355838258955558400065025677.jpg…

Got a battery that is incredibly power dense, and not wildly toxic?

Short answer no

We can’t do most of the cool things because they need power, and batteries are huge, and crazy toxic

…no there’s no good way to generate power in the body either at the moment

Maybe I’m missing something, but pretty sure the Quontic Ring doesn’t have a battery

I think Amal will be best placed to answer your question, as he may have already assesed a Quontic ring for compatibility

@Mad69dogg Have a read through this (if you haven’t already)

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Huh, wow. That is like exactly the same design as a ring from another company I took apart. Unfortunately converting that is unlikely. Underneath the potting resin the chip is like a bare die (wafer level chip scale package). Even if we could excise the chip it would be difficult or impossible to get it onto another antenna.

I mean, I guess we could do a hack job where we cut the section of the ring containing the chip, remove the capacitors, and flip the whole thing face down on an antenna so that the existing solder pads for the caps could be the connection points. Unfortunately it would be a very weak connection so we’d need some kind of bonding resin, and it would become too bulky to be encapsulated in the biopolymer.

Also, @Pilgrimsmaster would you mind recategorizing this thread so it’s not in flexSecure support? I know people post in weird categories like “things I want to save” and such, but I feel flexSecure support should stay as clean as possible because it’s going to be very technical and dense


Been tinkering on one for a while but it’s got an infineon chip (quantic is using McLear) and the capacitance is wonky. They have two passives, one in series and one in parallel. In theory it could be made into a jenky implant… but we don’t have an antenna that works for it at the moment.

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Yea i assumed it was going to be a ling shot and i had 2 extra old ones i figure i oopen it up. The inside of the ring is glass and i chipped it open with side cutters and removed rest and toom band out

Yes i seen that and figure i would ask first before wadting money and there time

Well that’s on me, I thought this was one of those heart rate rings :sweat::pensive: I’ll see myself out