Radius of work through skin

Hi. Can you tell me, what radius of work has vivokey and NExT? (radius of work through skin). I think, that I installed my implants too deep into hand, so they cant be readed by my phone

Apologies if you have already tried these.
Just trying to help you diagnose.
You pretty much asked the same question a different way in your other post about NFC phone performance.
So Big question.
Have you tried a different phone? Because your Huawei Honor 9 Lite Does Not have NFC.
Grab another phone with NFC
Take phone cover off
Unlock Phone
Make sure NFC is enabled
Google the make and model of phone NFC antenna position.
or check out THIS thread.
Move your Phone very slowly over the implant area .
Have you tried to scan it on an access reader, it may do nothing or it may reject it
with a sound or light flash until it is enrolled, but at least you will know it can be read.