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I was curious if you guys do the implants in Seattle where you are based. I’m down in Portland and I should be willing to make the drive up there. I was also curious on if there is a additional cost associated with having the nfc implanted by you.

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There is a partner piercer listed near Seattle, that is listed as injection and advanced installation capable. Check out the partner map.
I’m also in Portland. I’ve had one installed in Vegas and one installed in Seattle. I am however, looking for someone Vancouver based though.

We do have a partner in Seattle who can install. Partners always charge their own fees for performing installations. However I am scheduled to be in Seatte on Feb 3rd, so if you want to meet up I can do any x-series install on you for free (if you bring the chip).

Russ Foxx is based in Vancouver BC… or are you talking about Vancouver WA? Man it’s annoying having two cities so close together, both named Vancouver.

Vancouver, WA

I know this was targeted towards @Chewtoy3 – but any chance of maybe doing a small implant party? My wife and I both have xBt’s we’re looking to get installed (hence why looking in Vancouver, WA) … and I know someone else with an xEm waiting for an install as well … although I’m not sure of anyone’s scheduled availability yet.

Yep I am already doing a few installs on Feb 3rd in Seattle… glad to add to the party.

Hey, thanks! What time and where about?

I’m still putting it together… probably late afternoon… probably at Ada’s Technical Books… but I’m still locking down a time.

Any word on more specific times and locations? We’d like to sort out or schedule for trip up there if possible :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hi Cinja,

Not quite pinned down yet. But we will keep the forum posted. Thank you for your interest.

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Sorry guys it’s not happening… we’ll have to plan something later that’s more official.

Thanks anyways. Looking forward to the next one!