Reading 125khz fobs

Is a pm3 the only way to read data off a 125khz fob? I’m wanting to clone a noralsy fob. When I read with my flipper the indication lights go green and it just keeps looping trying to read the ask and psk.

Thanks in advance :pray:t2:

The flipper should work for most 125khz RFID cards. The noralsy looks like access control specifically which may use some other chips under the hood that the flipper doesn’t support. Do you have any other 125khz cards you can test with? The flipper does have a sweet spot that can be difficult to find if you haven’t read anything with it before.

edited to add: rfid is mostly used for access control, what I meant was this looks more like an all in one solution. I can’t read french but if their site has any docs on how the tech works you may be able to find out the specific chip and see if the T5577 (what most of us use to emulate) supports it.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, I dont have other 125khz cards available because the last five years i have solely focused on 13.56mhz systems.

I’m dealing with an emergency replacement situation for a close elderly relative. Mine is the only extra copy and the one i use when i visit, so I need to get it to them and wanted to keep a copy on my flipper for emergency until a replacement can be sent out by the building management (based elsewhere!).

Trying to find datasheets has been a bitch as i dont know where to start without being able to identify the chip.

Does the product sheet → Access Control section of this page have the card data? I got google to translate the page but the PDFs are on a whole 'nother level:

But from a cursory glance at the names, it looks like the cards may be high frequency cards

Have you tried enabling DeBug mode then a read raw?

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Read raw is a function i associate with the sub ghz tools.

Ive enabled debug now, but no extra options come up for 125mhz so i may need anbit of guidance.

Again, ive only used the flipper for 13.56mhz cards and fobs.

Thanks for the link. I didnt know noralsy were a european company. No wonder i couldnt find much info. Mostly marketing docs rather than datasheets, but i will start from there for my search. Unfortunately it does look like one of their anti clone fobs, but i dont know if it can be hacked or not.

Are these the fobs ?


The doc says :

Mifare 1k 13,56 Mhz

That close up makes me think its not that then. Same design but blue. If it was hf then i would have found out by now.

Anyhow in the meantime i got my fob over to them this morning so i will play around again when i get a replacement.

Okay managed to create a raw file. Thank you :pray:t2:

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Apologies, I meant to reply last night, but I got distracted

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Glad you figured it out