Ready to pull the trigger - few questions

I’ve been lurking for awhile and finally ready to pull the trigger on my first implant and venture into RFID. I’ve decided on the NeXT and plan to place it in the popular spot between by thumb and index finger. I do have a few questions though.

Background - I’m a complete newb when it comes to RFID, circuit boards, etc. However, I do have robust experience when it comes to CLI/CLI tools, the environment they’re ran in, etc. This order starts my journey of RFID learning, though.

  1. I read through a thread where people said that the PM3 Easy could be finicky, and instead said the RDV4 w/ DT LF antennas was the best choice. However, the thread was years old and the link to those antennas no longer works. Is this still the consensus? Or do most people use the PM3 Easy without issue? That said, I’d honestly prefer to purchase the RDV4 over the Easy. I wasn’t sure if the RDV4 interface would be over my head without RFID knowledge compared to the Easy. Which is a good segue into…

  2. There’s lots of old threads saying ‘go with the Iceman fork.’ From what I see now, the Iceman fork is now the RRG/Iceman combined repo? Is that now the default firmware that comes on the RDV4.01?

  3. Has anyone been reliably using the Flipper to clone to implants?

  4. Will the NeXT migrate around much in the location that I want to implant it?

  5. Does anyone with an NFC implant get annoyed when grabbing your phone with that hand?

No, not enough range to read them while holding it. Your selected spot is nowhere near the back of the phone usually.

Probably not, maybe a little. It usually is pushed back towards the exit by a couple millimeters during healing.
I should say the possibility for it to move around a lot depends on your skin, the installation and how much you move in the following days.

Here’s my opinion on the last 3.

My manager bought a couple Flippers and handed me one to test. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks. While it’s RFID and NFC functionality is cool, my Proxmark 3 RDV4 is way more powerful. I still primarily use the Proxmark. The Flipper usually just sits on my dresser since I already have hardware tools that perform the same functionality, but better. I’ve noticed the Flipper’s antenna strength is good.

I’ve implanted a NExT and 2 other x-series implants. They haven’t migrated much at all. It hasn’t been a big deal. I do take a lot of vitamins which I’ve heard helps.

My hands usually don’t trigger the NFC reader on my phone. I’m sure that would be more of an annoyance with the Flex implants.

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I don’t have a NExT but use my Flipper with a FlexEm. It’s my favorite tool for working with low frequency chips.

Yes, use the Iceman fork GitHub - RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3: The Iceman fork of Proxmark3 / RFID / NFC reader, writer, sniffer and emulator

The original repository GitHub - Proxmark/proxmark3: Proxmark 3 looks like it’s no longer updated.

  1. Yup ! I cloned the T5577 of my NExT with my flipper. I can also read the HF side without problem, but for editing the payload the free NFC tools app on my phone is the go-to.

  2. Depends. Mine had a tedency to migrate toward my wrist. I simply pushed it away from there for 24-48h and now it has settelled on the perfect spot.

  3. No problem with that. That said the KBR1 is reading my phone through the desk when I put my phone over it, spamming some random codes. It has allready once spammed 5-6 messages in a discord chat :sweat_smile: