Realistic chances of bricking a chip?

Ok. So a bad write doesn’t equate to a bricked chip, something more unusual has to happen to ruin it?

Not necessarily, bad writes are often the cause of bricked chips. I used a blue cloner on mine and it somehow worked fine. However others have not had the same luxury. YMMV.

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Any suggestion on write apps for the HF side?

There are various levels of ‘bricked’ - people describe a tag as bricked when they can’t get a read or write to work as they expect.

Because the T5577 chip that is inside an xEM and NExT can be configured in all sorts of wacky and wonderful ways, you could get lucky and quickly figure out what ‘bad data’ and settings got written, then using those settings write it back to a ‘good’ state. You might set something outlandish on the tag that you can’t figure out and need someone more experienced with a Proxmark and a really good antenna to figure it out. You might set something that makes the tag completely unusable (I’m not certain on the specifics of this, but you can end up with an unusable tag)

Basically, you’ll mostly be fine, but if you get a bad write you can brick - you can get a ‘good brick’ that is easy to fix or a ‘bad brick’ that is difficult or even impossible - only way to find out what sort you have is to start trying to fix it.

Anything you can do to improve your write performance works in your favour. Lots of people have had luck with a blue cloner, but understand there is a small risk and be careful. If any risk of a bricked tag is unacceptable, don’t do any writes at all. Everything in between is various levels of improvement and cost - choose what fits your budget and level of acceptable risk.


I use NXP Tagwriter or NFC Tools


Thank you very much for the in-depth response. I’ll be using the LF to replace my keyfob at work so I will be writing to it. I definitely won’t go for a blue cloner, probably gonna go for the proxmark3 easy or rdv2 since it seems pretty solid for the price.

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Good decision,
It is not that much more $$
You won’t have to unlock it to re-write to it later
Better antenna ( not as good as the DT LF antenna with a PM3 RDV4)
If you get an xM1 of FlexM1 you will have something to write to that also

Blue cloner is cheaper… but not too much
Proxmark is not as simple to use as a blue cloner Read button & Write Button

Tag Info
Tag Writer
NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro

If / When you get a xM1gen2( ??? ) of FlexM1gen2
MCTstrong text


You’re most welcome, Proxmark3 easy is the same result I came to when doing the risk-reward-cost equation for my own uses (as have a lot of us here).

Please update this thread once you’ve got it all working, we love hearing success stories!


If you need to configure your implant once for a particular purpose and you’re paranoid, get the Proxmark3 RDV4, the DT LF antenna, and program it in the syringe. Once you’re sure it’s good, implant it. You retain the ability to reprogram it under your skin later. But at least for the first application, it’s 100% safe.


If you’re only planning on doing the one write you could go with the cloning service offered by DT.

That is assuming your NExT hasn’t shipped out yet.

That being said having your own tools is a good step if you plan on adding to or changing your collection of implants. But if you never plan on changing the LF side and your trying to get a 100% good write and minimal hassle the cloning service would be the route, just my $0.02.

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Will do. Ended up getting a Proxmark 3 last night, so once everything comes in and I can find someone around me willing to install I’ll be letting everyone know how it goes.

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The cloning service would be nice, but for cloning my work badge it just seemed impractical to be without my way of entry at my work for any extended amount of time. Plus, I’m interested in tinkering and what not with RFID in general so I want to be in complete control of my chip(s) in order to accomplished my goals for future projects.

Besides, I’m not worried about bricking because it’ll be inside me, but because it would be a very dejecting waste of money.

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@CybRiver you did the right thing in getting a Proxmark 3 easy! It will open up new world’s for you. As far as bricking, it’s hard to truly :brick: your implant. In the sense that it doesn’t interact like it should does not mean it’s truly bricked. That being said most issues can be fixed with your new Proxmark :+1:. Make sure you learn placement continuous reads over and over till it becomes second hand. You can also bandage the Proxmark down to your hand during your first write to feel more comfortable. Let us know how it goes.

Also first thing before even interacting with your Proxmark and your chip make sure it’s got Icemans repo on it :slight_smile:.


Still getting those commissions @MouSkxy??? on the freeware :laughing:

Which reminds me, I must donate to his patreon / paypal , he has done a lot for this community, probably without him or most of us even knowing about it.

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Can you explain what having Icemans repo does?

Looks like @MouSkxy must be busy, I will still let him answer your ACTUAL question,[quote=“CybRiver, post:19, topic:5865”]
explain what having Icemans repo does?
as he is far more knowledgeable than I.

But for context, Iceman is to Proxmark what @amal is to biohacking.
His Repo is the Gold standard, and what most, if not all professionals with a Proxmark Run

If you have the :moneybag: then grab yourself a Proxmark3 RDV4 with DT LF antenna
If you want to save some money, grab the almost as capable PM3 Easy
@anon2520759 found a good one, see below

So you will just need to learn a few commands, and you will be set!


Ah cheers for the reply Pilgrim. I picked up an Easy yesterday, different seller than the one ithritin linked. However I think I should be able to get Iceman’s repo onto the device with a bit of effort (and probably plenty of forum input :relaxed:)


Sorry I’ve been RE malware all day while on vaca ;). As far as Iceman, he is a god in the rfid/nfc world. His life revolves around it.

First off the Proxmark Easy will be running Chinese firmware, so we wanna get that off.

Second Iceman was the first to push headless interaction with the Proxmark, he also supports and has a LARGE community support focused around his repo. It is constantly being updated.

His code is efficient and works.

It just makes for easier interaction and input/output when you run a firmware that works out of the box compared to what will come stock on your Easy.

I’m excited for you @CybRiver having that little gadget will open up alot of Pandora’s box in the freq realm.


Thanks, I’m very excited too. Too excited though, all this waiting for everything to ship is killing me!

I feel you, 200% :upside_down_face: :v: :slight_smile:
I still have until May 17th to get my implants installed! Gonna be practicing with the PM3 Easy until then!