Programming my NExT before injection

Unless if I can clone my badge and send you the clone? It’s not the data on the card it’s what’s printed on the card I can not let out. How much does that service cost?

@Drwolfsburg are you only looking to program this single tag and be done. If NOT invest a couple bucks in a Proxmark 3 easy. It will make your life better I promise. Most things can be unbricked with a Proxmark.

Also to note, I personally purchase and visit fabs and electronic markets multiple times a year in Asia. The proxmark easy “China” compared to the blue cloner “China” of being 30 dollars more is saying ALOT. When it’s a manufactured product from their. I always push for a Proxmark easy over a blue cloner everyday!

Check this thread about Proxmark Easy, scroll down so you can see an actual picture of orientation.

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Thank you! I’m bidding on a proxmark 3 right now. Hope I can figure it out. It is a used one. Used once it says.

Any recommendations on time frame on programming it after it’s implanted? Like a day or two after implanted? Swelling and reception reasons. I’m having a hard time trying to find a body piercer near me to do it. I live in orange county ca

RDV4? PRO? Easy?

You will have to ask your Body that :wink: I know I could read mine straight away, I also had very little swelling, and that caused me no issues with reading at all. It will depend on you placement, depth and swelling at the time what you are trying to read it with. Not all Phone antennas are made the same, Proxmak DT LF antenna is better for xSeries than the Proxmark factory LF antenna…
Some people have had to wait a few hours,a day, or 2, but it will really depend on those factors I mentioned ( oh and the device, I know you are getting a NExT, but a Flex would reader more easily… )
You get the point.
Keep us updated and goodluck with your auction

I have a RAZER 2 phone. Picks up NFC pretty good. I will half to look at the flex before I drop a dime. I liked the NExT because it was 125khz HID and nfc aswell.

Here’s the link to it. It dosent exactly say which one :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

It’s a Proxmark original

I’m by no means a Proxmark expert, but that one looks like the original Proxmark3 (As you said)

I would recommend a Proxmark Easy over that one, in a similar price range, But again I don’t know. The Easy you can install Iceman firmware, the original 3 ???

Hopefully somebody else can confirm which would be your better option, But if you miss the auction don’t stress.

The flex I was just giving as an example of readibility / read range, You cant get an LF Flex ( The antenna size would be too large) It would be awesome though

Haha, as always, too fast for me @MouSkxy

I would place an order for a Proxmark Easy. It’s gonna allow for better community support, and allows iceman repo’s WITHOUT ISSUES and iceman supports Proxmark knockoffs aka easy without hesitation. Great guy! My advice cancel the proxmark original you’ll want this:

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Don’t forget to update the list of compatible phones once you test your implant against it, yea?

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My 2¢ - I ordered a NeXT with the DT cloning service, then also an xEM + xNT thanks to the super sale. Sooo I figured I’d grab a Proxmark3 Easy.

The seller PiSwords on AliExpress has it on sale (25% off, cost me CAD $59.99 including shipping) and they will also flash it with the latest Iceman fork if you ask them to :ok_hand:


I’ll absolutely update it. It’s a great phone love it. It works really well with NFC. So I’m excited to see how it works with the NExT

Do you or happen to know like a list of people I can find to implant my chip? I’ve been calling around piercing shops and getting no luck. Not really wanting to do it myself. Like a list of people in my area that does this? I don’t want to half to go my doctor. I did call an animal vet. That was an interesting conversation :joy::joy::joy:

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@Drwolfsburg, yolo.
So we need to change your approach. First rule do not call! At all, lol it just leads down a NO path.

There are some guides I have from DT I can DM you the PDF’s that you can take in that explain what you want the safety, the procedure, GPS tracking myths etc… Also showing them a properly sealed bag from DT instills confidence in the procedure.

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That’s great out of the box thinking, but this is one of those things, where sometimes it’s better to let you legs do the walking rather than the fingers…

Did you have a look at the great guide on How to approach a professional ?

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Been down this rabbit hole, although funny and enlightening you will get a NO, lol. Love it

@Drwolfsburg where are you located?

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Look at Amal’s link, and post your general location for the other forum members. I don’t have an exact percentage, but I’m fairly certain at least 40-60% of us used an installer not on the list or self-installed, and can help you out.


Yeah I live in orange county California. I went on the partners app and found a place in santa Monica that will do it for like 50-60 bucks he said!