Programming my NExT before injection

So I didn’t see the part of the website where you guys offer to clone existing 125khz cards to the implant before shipping it until after mine arrived and from what I’ve gathered it might be a pain to do once it’s installed, at least until that new antenna gets finished up.

That being said is there a way I can get the chip out of the injector and program it then get it back into the injector all without having to touch it? Like can the plunger be pulled back after it’s been pushed down?

If you have the means to clone an ID to your NExT (a proxmark3 or cloning device) then it’s not really all that difficult to do once installed vs trying to clone to it without touching it.

Do you have a cloner?

Technically yes but not a good one, I’ve got one like the blue one that used to be sold on the site and it does do HID cards (3 beeps), but I ordered a proxmark3 rdv4 and it’s not here yet. I got the Bluetooth and battery add on too but I didn’t order the LF antenna set because it said it came with a dual frequency antenna. It came from.

Ok, blue cloner… take it apart… see the antenna wire? Is it a rectangle? With the case apart, you can lay that wire directly on top of and perpendicular to the NExT as it rests under the skin. Once you’ve got it positioned well, press the write button and hold everything firmly and steady… no movement… wait at least 3 seconds before doing anything… if you get beeps, you should be good… no beeps, reposition and try again.

Used a blue cloner for my xEM. In my case it didn’t beep but it still wrote the ID. Just heads up for OP. Even if it doesn’t says it successfully wrote the ID, it could very well have.

very odd. i would personally try again until it beeped because it may not have successfully finished the write process.

huh, hope I didn’t brick it. It works fine now but just hoping I didn’t fuck up the config bits/password/something else.

My guy that was supposed to be doing the implant is ill at the moment so we’re postponing till he gets to feeling better. Since I’m stuck waiting would you suggest cloning with the proxmark when it gets here instead?

P.S. yes the antenna on the blue copier is a rectangle, I actually took it apart shortly after getting it purely out of curiosity.

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Got my NExT installed and I’ve got my work ID copied over to the LF side. No big plans for the HF side yet, currently it just links out to https://www


I’m ordering the NExT aswell and I have a blue handle.
Would you recommend taking it apart like you said over trying to program it before I implant it? I just want to make sure I can do it before I implant it. I will literally freak lol if it’s bricks inside of me lol


If you haven’t ordered your NEXT yet ( NExT is a Good choice by the way ), you can use DT Cloning service they can do that before they send it out to you.
You will however have to send them the thing you are trying to clone ( 125kHz ),

Otherwise, if they have sent it or you cant send them your card/fob, when you get your NExT.
I would definitely suggest you DO NOT eject it to program it. ( sterile )
and you won’t be able to program it whilst it is still in the needle.
You really have only one SENSIBLE choice.
Implant - then program.

If you don’t want to do it THAT way, and if you go against all advice, before you do anything, PM me and i’ll give you a couple of suggestions to minimise your risk.
I would really rather not, but if you’re going to do it, then…

Yeah I get it and I understand I would send my badge in for there service except I can not because where I work it would be a security breach. I work at a high security state facility.

And the only other reason why I thought I could eject it to program is because I have access to an autoclave I can put it back in and sterile it in a new pouch.
Basically my idea thought was to just eject it right into a clean plastic bag. Program it through the bag. Carefully incert it back into the needle. And then put it in a sterile pouch and into a autoclave and start the sterile process again lol
Would you think that would be a okay idea?


Sounds like a crazy scientist :microscope::test_tube::lab_coat::man_scientist::syringe:

Must be The CDC???

Anyway, sounds like you have thought it through, But I think i’ll let @amal answer your sterility plan for you.

Hahaha that’s awesome lol and not quiet. But I like and appreciate what you did there. And yes I’d really like to hear his opinion aswell.

Technically it can work. What sort of autoclave do you have? The problem with using steam (autoclave) is that the injection assembly with chip loaded has a lot of voids and dead air space, and unless your autoclave has a pressure cycler designed to get steam into these dead spaces, the sterilization won’t be all that effective. Also the plastic of the injection assembly is not well suited for long term exposure to high temps… so if your autoclave has a plastics setting, with auto-cycler, then sure I would say that’s a decent plan.

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Yeah I didn’t consider that my clave is a steam clave. Well I suppose I will just half to inject it and them program it. I’m just afraid of the orientation not being correct under the skin and I will most definitely take apart my blue handle to get the antenna as close as possible

Unless if I can clone my badge and send you the clone? It’s not the data on the card it’s what’s printed on the card I can not let out. How much does that service cost?

@Drwolfsburg are you only looking to program this single tag and be done. If NOT invest a couple bucks in a Proxmark 3 easy. It will make your life better I promise. Most things can be unbricked with a Proxmark.

Also to note, I personally purchase and visit fabs and electronic markets multiple times a year in Asia. The proxmark easy “China” compared to the blue cloner “China” of being 30 dollars more is saying ALOT. When it’s a manufactured product from their. I always push for a Proxmark easy over a blue cloner everyday!

Check this thread about Proxmark Easy, scroll down so you can see an actual picture of orientation.

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Thank you! I’m bidding on a proxmark 3 right now. Hope I can figure it out. It is a used one. Used once it says.

Any recommendations on time frame on programming it after it’s implanted? Like a day or two after implanted? Swelling and reception reasons. I’m having a hard time trying to find a body piercer near me to do it. I live in orange county ca

RDV4? PRO? Easy?

You will have to ask your Body that :wink: I know I could read mine straight away, I also had very little swelling, and that caused me no issues with reading at all. It will depend on you placement, depth and swelling at the time what you are trying to read it with. Not all Phone antennas are made the same, Proxmak DT LF antenna is better for xSeries than the Proxmark factory LF antenna…
Some people have had to wait a few hours,a day, or 2, but it will really depend on those factors I mentioned ( oh and the device, I know you are getting a NExT, but a Flex would reader more easily… )
You get the point.
Keep us updated and goodluck with your auction