Recent NExT Implant Cloning

I’ve just had the NExT Implanted, I’m looking to clone a Fob I’ve got onto it, I’ve read that certain readers can lock the Chip into only accepting that type, Is anyone able to just shed some light on this for me? I’ve ordered this Exact Cloner:

I’m happy to get an alternative if this one has any possiblity of fucking up my chip.

Also, I’m pretty new to this but would cloning the fob onto my Chip mean that the previous doors I’ve hooked it up to will no longer work? or does “Cloning” simply add the ID and Data from my fob onto my chip alongside any other data it had?

If there’s any resources anyone knows of that I can look into to get a better understanding of this (preferably noob friendly) I would absolutely love if you could share with me.

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These blue Chinese readers have had a bad history with implant chips and have been known in the past to brick devices for seemingly no reason. Part of this may have to do with positioning of the chip against the antenna in the device but it may also have to do with less than optimal QC on the production end of the duplicator.

These types of scanner also have been known to lock the chip into only being able to use their scanner for any and all future re-writes. The only certain way to ensure no issues seems to be to use a proxmark 3 device with a modified antenna.

As far a the details of what cloning means, it essentially reads the ID from the first fob and writes it onto the NExT or whatever other chip you are using as the new chip. Both chips will continue to work with all doors/systems the first worked with, as well as any additional systems the first is added to, as the door is simply going to check the ID against it’s whitelist of IDs and if it finds it, it will unlock for you.

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I was trying so hard to avoid the Price of them. Is there any you would recommend? I’ve seen lots of Proxmark3 Easy Chinese Builds on Ebay but I wasn’t sure about them.

Would this one be any good?

That Proxmark would probably be fine. It will load the proxmark client and allow you to run commands. The issue will be with coupling between the LF antenna and the NExT. It will read fine with the circular antenna included, but writing to the tag requires much better coupling. I was having serious trouble doing it with a similar antenna. The one included with that elechouse unit you linked looks like it’s much nicer than the resin filled pancake I was using. Ultimately you’ll either need to practice positioning until you find the ideal spot, or wind a custom antenna, which is a pain.

It’s hard to point to a specific reliable solution for cloning LF cards onto tags, partly because cloning tags is conventionally a hacker pursuit. Everyone is less inclined to invest their time and resources into LF RFID developments because we all waiting for it to become a legacy technology, but for some reason businesses keep buying the LF systems. We’re working on making it an easy 123 consumer thing, but it’s slow going.


Thank you for that, I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

I kinda figured that, There’s not a whole lot of easy to read information about any of this, it gets complex very quickly.

I’ve just Ordered the one I linked and I’m sure I’ll have some other questions, I’ll document any problems I face when I get it though, a good place to learn from :slight_smile:


A pity I only just saw this, otherwise I would have directed you to:-
@identity thread, where it is mentioned sharing the cost of a Proxmark RDV 4, which may have worked out for you.
At least you will have your own one now, I’m sure people on here would be interested to see how your one works out (successfully, I hope) … I have a proxmark RDV4 and I also think they are overpriced for what they are,
(in fairness a well designed, nice looking piece of equipment, though not particularly user friendly) and prohibitive to a lot of people, closing off the availability to the untapped potential of some tinkerers.
I have heard mention that there maybe a project happening in the background (Timeframe unknown) that somebody is making a more realistically priced and highly reliable alternative device to Proxmarks “almost” Monopoly
see below for @identity relevant to you thread notes and li k to full thread.

Logistical Note: The Proxmark3 RDV4 was USD$310. I don’t feel that the one thing I need the proxmark for justifies the entire purchase of the device, and I’d love to see how I can share its value with the community. (Once this whole ordeal is over) direct message me if you’re in the US and need access to a Proxmark3 and maybe we can figure out a way to ship it around and share the value.