Recommendations for an RF detector?

Not quite implant related, but does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable RF detector similar to this cheap Amazon option? . It’s cheap, so not a huge issue if it’s crap, but I thought some of you might know something better (preferably on the cheaper side). Would like one for personal security and detecting hidden cameras etc. during travel.


I do not have any recommendation for alternate device(s).
What about buying that device, and spy camera/RF bugs on Amazon to test that devices functionality?
That might increase the overall cost, but increase your comfort level in that you would know it does what it says it does.

Yeah I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: Just thought maybe someone knew of something better but thought it might be a long shot :wink:

I dunno what the difference might be, but I’ve used an RF frequency counter before. It basically shows what frequency it’s picking up, which is all over the place until you get closer to a source… then it settles on, say, 2.4ghz… but these are somehow super rare these days. I have an old one that goes to 5ghz and down to 100khz. You might also be able to repurpose a radio scanner… like the kind used to listening to police etc… I could tune in my old 100mhz 486 CPUs on the FM radio dial and also on my radio scanner and listen to the music of the bits.


Thanks, that’s good to know! I might just give this cheapo a go since it seems pretty simple and portable. Unfortunately the best electronic junk (read: treasure) store closed a few years ago.

It’s insane how many hidden cameras there are these days. Women have to be careful, y’know? :female_detective:

The RF Explorer is pretty awesome!

I use it as an audio technician to help with frequency coordination - getting the most number of wireless microphones to work together reliably (26 is the most I’ve managed with lower end gear, much higher with pro stuff!)

There are different receiver boards available for different frequency ranges, and you could combine with a directional antenna to have a sort of ‘point to find transmitter’ deal


Cameras are supposed to be security, but they can be an invasion of privacy, especially in the wrong hands. We do need to be a little cautious