Recommended knockoff Proxmark3?

Hey all. I’ve seen folks recommend getting non-official Proxmark3 kits - the $60 knockoffs are undoubtedly lower quality, but seem good enough for basic poking around. A quick scan of Alibaba and eBay shows many, many options. Does anyone have a recommended vendor, or any horror-story vendors to avoid? Thanks!


I’ve looked into this and decided to order one of the cheap ones. I’ve not received it yet. The seller claimed to be local with quick delivery, but I suspect it’s coming from China as it’s well overdue.

I suspect the negative attitude and suggestion that support for the 3 Easy is soon to be dropped, is just down to desire to sell more of the expensive versions. The downside of a good open source project - someone else rides on your reputation and makes money out of it!

The “proper” ones definitely look much better and if I needed one for serious work then that’s what I’d go for. For a little bit of mucking about I suspect the eBay version will be fine. I’ll post more when (if) it ever turns up.


Curious if anyone’s learned anything about this recently. I believe there is a Proxmark I could get a hold of if I really needed but it’s quite a bit of work and would probably be easier to buy a $70 3easy clone off ebay. THat’s assuming it works and works well.

Just wondering how @Fred went with his China easy 3? Am a student so I’d much prefer the 90aud over like 500 aud for the RDV4 (even if it is really tempting)

My Proxmark never turned up. Some daft excuses from the eBay seller but got a refund in the end. I didn’t bother ordering another.

I’ve had good luck with the PiSwords version from Aliexpress


Yes Im also looking to get the PiSwords version from Aliexpress
Its running pretty cheap like 60-90 AUD
and some friends have had good success with this version


Hey. So you say you’ve had good luck with PiSwords Proxmark3 Easy. I had bad luck or am too much a noob to get it starting running. How did you do it? I tried Win 7 and 8.1, and I can’t seem to install the bloody thing. PiSwords drivers aren’t signed (issue in Win 8.1) and every other drivers I tried out - do not seem to work. Could you please PM me an instruction on how to - every other site I looked so far - people just install it with no issue. Thanks in advance.
PS Merry XMASS and a Happy New 2020.

Well, sorry I can’t be more help…I run Linux and it just worked for me, so I can’t speak to driver signing issues in Windows. If you have a raspberry pi you might be able to set it up on that and ssh into the pi and use the proxmark that way?

Or maybe try looking in the proxmark user forums. I don’t know how willing they would be to help you use a clone, but most of the info should be cross applicable. You might also try looking up instructions up update the firmware in Windows… Might solve your connection issues in the process.

I agree. Setting it up in Windows is not a worthwhile endeavor. I posted a link to the officially Proxmark3 Ubuntu setup guide in this thread

I got the KKmoon proxmark3 easy from amazon. 39.99 UK money. Set it up on my atomic pi SBC on Lubuntu . Silly easy to install. Updated the bootloader and full firmware (3.1.0) on the PM3. It reads my NeXT very well everytime. (125khz) . See’s it as T5577 :slight_smile: not sure how the standalone side of it works yet. In all it’s worth it for the price.

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As an update… got iceman1001 fork RRG installed on my linux computer and edited the firmware so it was working on the pm3other . I have the stock antenna on the PM3 easy (by kkmoon) . I managed to copy my Alarm tag (em4100) to my NeXT in only 2 tries. Seams if you tilt the antenna up about 10° and have the very edge of the coil touching the tip of the implant it writes VERY well. … hope this help anyone messing with cheap pm3 easy kits.


I’ve had a really good experience with a PM3 Easy. I even found the battery pack - although because it’s a clone it was offset slightly, requiring modification to make the battery pack work.

I don’t use it for implants much; but it reads/writes okay.