Recovery instructions

I’m visiting a piercing shop today to see if they’ll implant the NExT and VivoKey Spark I bought, but reading through the FAQ I came upon the question that recommends that I don’t work out, shoot guns, leap from tall buildings, etc.

What about riding a motorcycle? I’d hate to give that up for 2-4 good summer weeks, so if that will be an issue I may have to schedule the implantation further out.


No clue about the recommended wait times for activities but FWIW here is my personal experience.

I had a NeXT installed 2 weeks ago (first implant) and after 2 days I was at 100%, a little tenderness when I pushed on the area but I’ve gone shooting and worked out multiple times and the tag still works fine with no added discomfort. I don’t think riding would be an issue but it’s not a guarantee - I assume it depends on how quickly you heal, and how your body responds to the implant.


I agree that it’s not a huge deal. The only real issue is trauma causing the tag to not encapsulate fully with cartilage, which allows it to migrate around under the skin. Sometimes this means it can move closer to your second metacarpal, which is a crush hazard. As long as you’re aware of the danger, do what you want.

Even though the wound is really tiny, don’t skimp on after care. Keep the area clean and you should be fine.

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Thank you, that’s helpful! I won’t ride home from the procedure but it sounds like I can be back on the bike before too long.