Redness around xNT injection site after 12 hours - is it normal or an infection?

I have a red circle that starts just before the injection side and creates an oval back to a bit past where the needle penetrated. It started about 12 hours after injection and has gotten incrementally redder until now (about 30 hours after injection).

I assume this is normal with any wound, but I’m just trying to be extra cautious and wondering if this is typical?


Photos please?

Also, who installed?

Here is the picture, self install.

Normally I’d say it’s likely nothing, but - and don’t take this the wrong way - with a self-install, I’d say it’s possibly an infection. If it continues to grow, gets “puffy” or “weepy” with puss, or is painful in any way - it’s an infection and you should go to the doctor asap.

Thanks for the fast reply. This morning the redness is pretty much gone. I guess it was nothing.

It could have been a weak infection that your body obliterated… or it could have just been a natural inflammatory response to the wound. Keep and eye on it, put neosporin or any other antiseptic treatment on it for a day or two just to be safe, and you should be fine.

What about getting red bumps on your whole body a day after injection?

Any reaction like that should be monitored closely. It could be an allergic reaction. If it persists, see your Dr.

It’s been about three days now and the red bumps are almost completely gone. I just took some benadryl for three days and the bumps are going away. I think I am ok just had allergic reaction some food i ate, but I will keep a eye out for anything else still just in case.