Refund on previously purchased flex series implant

Would it be possible for me to send back an implant I ordered that I have not used as I am figuring out I may have ordered the wrong one?

I ordered it a few months ago but it is still in now sealed and unopened

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Hi Ghostkillers24,

We appreciate that you’ve not opened the unit you purchased on August 18th, however our policy is pretty unyielding especially for the flex products since we have no way of verifying if the product has been compromised or not; therefore, for safety reasons we can’t place it back in stock.

Please PM me, (double-clicking on the “M”) and we can discuss a coupon on the new Vivokey that will be released in the near future if you have interest, or supply you the latest FlexDF that is superior in performance to the one you purchased. This was just released. I apologize for the inconvenience, and want to ensure we help you out.

My best,