Registering in the animal database

Some time ago, after having the xBT implanted, I attempted to register myself as an “exotic animal” in an Australian database. It didn’t go ahead, but I like to think it gave somebody a laugh.

Here’s the application I sent (sensitive details redacted), and the letter I received in return.


The letter suggests the registry considers you neither an exotic nor a domestic animal. They seem to find you akin to a feral cat or wild rabbit of some sort :slight_smile:

Incidentally, you state in the application that you’re white: that’s not very exotic. I’m not surprised you don’t belong.


I wanted to be truthful in the application, but most of the forms were for specific kinds of animal (dogs/cats/etc). Exotic animal was the only one that didn’t rule out humans right away.

I would also contend that I am a domestic animal, especially after 2020.

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I would have put “homo sapiens transhumanis” in the species description, and “variable - UV-dependent” in the color.

Is that the date of your wedding? :slight_smile:


I registered my xBT in a national pet registry database through a web form, from a drop down menu list of species I chose “Primate”, breed was an editbox so I entered: “Cyborg”


So, are you up for adoption now? :slight_smile:

You couldn’t register as a domesticated primate at all?

I found their website and no you can’t.

But you did use the wrong form, you should have used the one for “microchip already implanted”… You would need a vet to scan your chip, and it does ask if you have been desexed. :laughing:

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Haha, yeah, I remember that, I replied to you and to translate that in the other post

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I need to figure out how to do this now hahah

I was supposed to be having a vet friend X-ray my hand soon, but there was a death in the family…

Hopefully a reschedule soon, and then maybe they can help me register myself for lulz

Another Aussie!! I must say, that’s amazing, pity it didn’t go through though. Not sure if you have any other pets, but wouldn’t it be funny to go to your pets regular checkup, ask the vet to scan your hand / arm and watch their face as they do a pet microchip lookup :rofl:

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looks like i have to get a xBT aswell now

Unfortunately the xBT is out of stock and no longer restocked by Dangerous Things. But fortunately there are still some in stock at Digiwell:

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