Removal by GP or Piercer?

I’m thinking about getting my xEM removed and I was wondering if it was better to get it removed by my GP (he is willing) or by the piercer who did my installation. The piercer I went to has a decent amount of experience with chip installs and removals. My GP seemed very open to discussion and mentioned he has extra training in removing contraceptive implants which seems applicable. Another consideration is that it would probably be free to get it done by my GP (yay universal health care) and a fee if it was done at the piercer.

I’m really conflicted! Any advice is appreciated.

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The gp will probably use forceps to grip the glass which is not ideal. With the implantable birth control you just make a small cut, reach in and grab with the ratcheting forceps, and yank it out. That won’t work with glass implants. It’s quite difficult to remove this way.

The best way I’ve seen is basically injecting saline into the cavity or pocket, inside the encapsulation collagen, and blowing it up like a little balloon, then applying pressure and the thing spits out the tiny hole made by the injection needle… kinda like how things stretch to give birth, the implant will make it’s own way out given enough pneumatic pressure behind it.


Thank you for replying!

I told my GP that he couldn’t just grab it, and we’d need to push it out like a cyst. Using saline sounds like a better option if he’s willing to consider it. I suppose most piercers wouldn’t have sterile saline readily available, so would a doctor be the one to perform that procedure? I’ll discuss the saline method with my GP and see if he’s open to it; if not, I’ll likely go ahead with the piercer, (I’m guessing it will be the needle removal method).

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Amal has mentioned this method a couple of times, I’ve never seen it myself.
If you doc was willing to let you record it, I would love to see how it works out.

Amal, do you recall the needle guage/size?

I’ve remove a few glassies and flexies, both done in a different but still effective manor.

Push on one end of the implant, Mark on the skin the other end where the implant is making a visible bump.
Release pressure off the implant and make a small incsion with a scalpel, then push the other end of the implant again, and out she pops, at least enough to remove with a gloved hand.

I really do like the idea of Amals suggestion and I’ll be trying that for my next glassie removal.


I have no medical qualifications but am just using my imagination here –

What if you just used the very same size needle that was used to install the implant, as a blade tool to core the implant out of the skin (assuming you’ve reached one visible end of it)? The whole point of the needle is to cut a hole in tissue to match the diameter of the implant.

I’m shocked hahah I learned about this method from someone on this forum… I thought it was a public post but maybe it was a DM.

I think it’s just a standard 20g needle for most typical injections. The important part is that a path is cut through the encapsulation so the implant can squeeze its way out.

Some professional body modders / piercers have done this using a 8g or 6g needle… it leaves quite the hole but it does seem to work.