Removal of bio-bond?

Product: xBT Temp Sensing RFID Tag [BioTherm]
The description on this page says that the Bio-Bond anti-migration coating on this tag makes it difficult to remove the tag. Would it be possible to remove the coating before injection to better facilitate removal? Would it be practical and prudent?

It is possible. The biobond component is just a cap that sits on the glass tube. It is about half the length of the tube, and can easily be removed. However, to do this, you will need to eject the tag from the injector, remove the cap, then replace the tag into the injector, or use some other method of installation - all without contaminating the tag. That means everything must be done very carefully in a sterile field, using sterile gloves and tools.

Some have suggested simply removing the cap with your bare hands and than “re-sterilizing it” in an autoclave. I do not recommend autoclaving the xBT chip because the extreme heat will most likely damage the heat sensor inside, or at the very least shorten its useful life considerably.