Removal shortly after install

Alright, so I’ve wanted an implant for a long time, and I just recently moved into an apartment building that uses Mifare 1k cards for access.

Because the xM1+ is no longer available I bought this:
Implanted myself (went way better than expected. barely any pain swelling or bleeding). The range sucks, although I can read it with the proxmark and my android phone, reception is very spotty, and the reader on my door RARELY works, it would be easier to carry keys. It seems like maybe a HF card especially a mifare was not my best choice. Id rather have the NExT (which I’ve ordered). To badge into my work and gym if i cant get a good MiFare chip to open my apartment. And I cant decide if I should put it in my other hand. or remove the Mifare and replace.

MY ISSUE: SKIP TO HERE IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT BACKSTORY: I’d rather not have a useless chip in my hand. I only installed the myfare 3 days ago. Would it be safe to try to just work it out the way it came. The puncture from the injector is healing but hasn’t totally healed up yet.

Anyone who has removed an implant shortly after install let me know thanks!

I think it would be rather difficult, but not impossible. Trying shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but be aware of vasovagal reactions which could result in passing out… so maybe try while sitting on the floor?