Remove write protection from NFC implant

Hello everyone,
im happy to be part of this bodymodder forum now :slight_smile:
Because im german I do my best to explain my problem as good as I can.
Yesterday I got my NFC implant (NXP MIFARE Ultralight). Today I removed the bandage to scan the tag for the
first time. It worked fine. But now when im trying to write some data on it it says “Write error”.
I´ve read some posts in this forum about lock bits and the dangerous things app to protect myself from this issue.
But I thing my chip is already write protected.
I payed a lot more for a chip to write data on it and now nothing works :confused:
Is it possible to write directly to the memory and reset the protection bits?
Here is a picture of the chip description and the first and last parts of the memory:

Thanks for your help

What happens when you use the Dangerous NFC App?
I am looking at the lock bits now!

From the look of it, your lock bits are fine but your CC in page 03 looks all fucked up. No idea what happened there. That page should be either E1106D00 or E1126D00.

What are all the things you’ve done to this tag using which software before it stopped working?

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Hey thanks for the fast reply. When Im trying to use the dangerous things app it sais this:

I´ve done nothing befor this. Like I said I removed the bandage from the implanting process and scanned the tag for the first time with NFC Tools. No problems with scanning.
But the writing process fails.

Is it possible to manualy write the right code to the page03?

it is odd because there is a data record that exists.

Can I confirm this tag is direct from Dangerous Things?

@amal can we write to the CC directly?

The CC in page 03 is OTP, meaning One Time Programmable, meaning the bits are flippable to 1 but not back, meaning the CC is 00 00 00 00 by default, but you can flip each 8 bits of each 4 bytes to 1, but not back, so only CERTAIN writes / updates are possible. At this point, the CC is totally fucked and cannot be recovered. It is critical because CC means “capability container”, which is used by NFC readers to determine if the RFID tag being read is formatted for use as an NFC Type 2 compliant device or not. This CC is something completely different, so it is basically saying to any NFC reader device “I’m set up for another kind of application, not NFC. Sorry.” and that’s as far as it gets. It doesn’t even bother to try reading or writing any of the memory blocks or so anything else for that matter.

Now, to Ashley’s point, are you sure this is an xNT you ordered from Dangerous Things?

In either case, can you install the Dangerous Things support tool app… if you do the scan it will bump open a new email to me directly along with the scan data. Send it to me but put in the body of the email a reminder of this forum thread… I get so many emails from people with just the scan data and nothing else… no explanation of the problem or anything, and those I just ignore.

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but is it then not strange that the CC is in this state?

maybe an update to the support tool making a ‘reason and symtoms field’ mandatory before sending the mail is needed!

The shop assistant (dont know how to spell the person correct) that implantet the chip send me to this forum amd said that she gets the chips from here so it should be one from dangerous things. I check the support tool and mail you the details. Thanks for the reply

just to check when you say shop assistants are they a piercer or an authorised partner.

use the support tools app and leave feedback if you can :slight_smile:

Oh thanks. Dont know that it called piercer in english too. I leave feedback when im back at my pc. Ive send the information with the app.

Thanks for the help :smiley:

I have a suspicion that this is not one of our xNT tags, so it is important that we find the piercer who is installing these faulty tags, and ensure they only install our tested products. In either case, you should return to the piercer and try to get it removed and get a refund.

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Im pretty shure that she implants the original products. One of the best piercers in germany. Shes doing these things for more than 20 years now.
She has different models there. That model that I chosse is from dangerous things she said…

Do you got my support mail? Any possible way what I can do with this implant now?

I saw this option in NFC Tools. Its an extended command promt for the nfc implant.
Is it possible with this to write directly to the CC E3 memory to “erase” the broken bits?

Beside the fact that I cannot write data on the implant anymore it should be possible to use it as an identification chip with the serial number right?
The main reason I implantet this chip was the authentification process at my door and my other locks. That should be possible without the writing function right? Because the serial number is readable without the nfc function.


I need to know who it was, because the support tools can indicates this is not a Dangerous Things product, so I need to find out A) if a professional is selling “Dangerous Things” products that are not Dangerous Things, or B) if someone is supplying “Dangerous Things” products to professionals that are not Dangerous Things. Until I resolve this, I cannot support this issue any further.

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Okay I call her tomorrow and try to find this out.

Give me just one hint. Do you think its possible to resolve this issue or is it hopeless and
I have to get a new one?


I just need her name is all. If she’s a partner, I can take it from there. If not, then I will try to find out who’s supplying her.

Until I know what chip it was, I can’t really tell you much about how it can be resolved.

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Okay guys a little update.
She wrote me that I get an new implant this week. When Im there to get it I will ask her about the seller of the
Implants and let you know who it is.

Thanks for the good help :slight_smile:

@amal I havnt wrote you the name yet because im not shure if she said “its FROM danerous things” or “write the guys from dangerous things. The know this stuff”.
Im not shure and wont bring anyone in trouble with a wrong information…

I understand what you mean.

It’s not about getting people into trouble, the issue is that in such a tight community we have a big responsibility to ensure everyone is doing the right thing.

Consider if one person did something wrong how that would affect the community and the perception of us all.

Nevertheless, find out what you can it may just be a case of education.


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I understand what you mean. When someone is selling damaged products
as DangerousThings products it would damage the community and everyone in it
because of an wrong image.

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Agreed. It’s not about getting people in trouble, it’s about shedding light on who is bringing what into the community… especially if it’s stuff that is low quality or faulty technology.

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