Removing my thumb magnet

I’m going today to remove my xG3 from my thumb. The magnet itself is perfect but I chose poorly with the placement. I have a scar on my thumb from there I almost cut a chunk off with a bandsaw and I stupidly had it installed there.

Here you can see the placement of the magnet.

I saw the scar as a semi circle but didn’t consider that the scar tissue probably filled that whole area since it was a flap that got cut off. The implant could never really settled into place due to the scar tissue resulting it it always standing a little proud of my thumb.

This leads to me bumping it a lot and that presses the magnet into the scar tissue and hurts pretty bad. It’s bruised pretty much constantly so I’m going to get it out, get it re-sterilized and put it on the other side without the scar.

So, just an FYI to others considering placement. Take scars into account and avoid them.


I really appreciate that there’s a remove and resteralize option.

I hadn’t considered scar tissue as a problem so that’s good to keep in mind if I ever want to get mine removed and put in a very similar place or to put something else there.