Replacing ignition with XAC V2

Like many people have sought to do before me, I am looking to replace the ignition on my bike with an XAC. I have read the several other posts of people doing the same, and have come up with a concept that I believe will work. If any of the electrical engineers hanging out here have any recommendations for simplification or tweaks I’d appreciate the additional pairs of eyes.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

If I am thinking about all of this correctly, my engine cut off switch will act as a kill switch for both the engine and the ignition, and the relay should be self latching once the XAC kicks it off.

And this is the wiring diagram for my ignition and starter.

I am unsure of what kind of protections I need to integrate into the circuit, and would like some assurance on whether or not this would even work. If there are any issues that stand out to you, I am here to learn! I feel like I have made some simple mistakes somewhere but maybe it’s me overthinking.

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First you’ve done an amazing job thinking it through. It can be a little difficult to grasp someone else’s plan at first, so I might be mis-interpreting this, but my first thoughts here are.

The left half looks good. However with the way I understand it, the common needs to supply ground to the NO for the left to work correctly. I’ve color coded the in the following manner Red positive, Green common, and Blue NO. (from the perspective of the controller)

So in operation when the controller activates it connects both relay coils in series? This seems to me to be an unnecessary, but probably workable solution. You could run them parralel as well.

You need a fuse. 10 amp oughta be overkill. Just put it in the 12 V Supply line, unless you’re pulling from an already fused source.

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Running in parrallel. Still latches. Fuse not shown.


Ah I see what you’re saying. Awesome, I appreciate the help. Gotta say, big fan of your toolbox project and I’m looking at using my XAC v1 to do the same thing for my work toolbox.

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