[Research] How embedded systems and prostheses affect identity and the perception of the self?

Hello everyone! Hope to find you interest :slight_smile:

I’m a researcher at the University of Milan - IT - and I’m studying how technology affects identity and self perception. In particular I’m collecting qualitative interviews of people with artificial limbs or embedded systems. The aim is to develop more efficient studies about the relationship between humans and machines, considering artificial devices not just in terms of efficiency but as part of the individuals’ identity and subjectivity.

To start collecting data here’s a brief google form complete with information about use of personal data: https://forms.gle/2FdhNkPdmVMTYYNq6

The study is at the beginning and every suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who will contribute!


Welcome to the forum!
Happy to see more researchers interested in the field.

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So your study is aimed at generating more studies?

Filled out, it took me around 10mins

A prologue screenshot

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I filled it out as well, I hope you get the data you need!


Hey! I am doing a design project looking into the future of biohacking and what this could mean for the future of our bodies and potentially mental health. Seems as though your project is on a similar trajectory as mine and I would love to collaborate!

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Uhhh… Just going to leave this here. Not sure if it supports the direction you intend to go, but worth considering.

Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

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@mjones300: I’m not sure why @tangerineaxle linked to the crazy thread here, but it’s best forgotten. It’s a gigantic thread full of crazy posts from mentally incompetent people who - most importantly - DON’T have implants or prostheses of any kind but THINK they do - and seek help here for completely unfathomable reasons.

Please don’t base whatever research you’re undertaking on that thread: it’s kind of this forum’s pit of despair. It truly has nothing to do with us (most of us anyway).


I’d shy away from labeling them all as incompetent. There are enough people in there that I would think there are at least a few who are genuinely ill and seeking some sort of validation in their own way.

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They are ALL ill as far as I can tell, which makes them mentally incompetent as a consequence. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. But the fact remains that most of those people don’t make sense and need help to reconnect with reality.

Whatever their circumstances, they are not representative of this community, is my point.