Result after inserting the payment chip

Hello everyone,
I recently had a payment chip placed, but at the bottom the recovery or the chip takes exactly a little longer, who has the same experience with this?
According to the doctor, this goes away after an indefinite time?

That doesn’t scream infection but it certainly doesn’t look very happy at the moment, I’m sure there’s a fair amount of inflammation going on

To judge the image, I’d like some more information…
How old is the install? Who did it? Did it change after some time (like, did it look better before and then become red?)?

it looks like the pocket was not made deep enough and the back edge of the implant is putting pressure on the skin just above the incision site. that could be contributing to the irritation factor. the incision itself does appear to be closed though, it may just take some significant time for the implant to settle down and the body to accommodate it properly.

before it was indeed a lot more red, but then the pocket was made a bit bigger and we saw that the implant was already largely accepted by the body
The implant has positioned itself well at the top, but I wonder if it will also settle down on its own after a certain time.
It’s still a bit annoying at the bottom because you do feel it pushing a bit as Amal says

The first placement dates from May 2021 but we had to make the pocket bigger here two weeks ago, so what you see now is actually 2 weeks old.
It was done by a recognized tattoo artist who has already placed several with me with success :smiley: