Review of Dangerous Things

Haha well really it had to do with what I know would have happened… it would have sucked… and you would have not been happy with it… and that goes against rule #1 - make happy cyborgs.


i will try then give review

It’s rare that you can come across a company who make incredible products, is ethical and conscientious about what they do, has a great community, and stellar customer service…but that is Dangerous Things in every way.

I love DT’s implants and get a new one whenever I can justify it. From the great sales like Cyborg Weekend to the occasional opportunities to participate in alpha and beta tests like the Apex Mega Spectrum, to the super fast shipping to the well-crafted packaging - you really can’t go wrong.


I’m New to Dangerous Things…

Seems like a great community here with a lot of knowledge.

Great YouTube videos

Your catalog link was hard to find

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Okay okay, I got five implants from DT inside my body (okay, currently four left), so maaaaybe I could finally write a review :smile:

I’m really happy with DT. I love the quality of the implants (and the amount of testing done), the amazing customer service and the community, of course.
My glassies are pretty much “fire and forget” - installations were easy, healing time totally harmless, and they just do their jobs (like opening my door or spitting out my temperature) reliably.
The Titan was a really cool project, and I’m happy I was among the first group of people who got one - this is seriously the best implantable magnet I’ve ever seen. Yeah, it’s big, but it fits into my finger, healed well and provides me with a new sense (and the ability to annoy all my colleagues because I frequently play with our paperclips).
So - I’m happy with it all, and really curious to see what might be coming our way, implant-wise :slight_smile:


Okay, so, technically, this is a review thread for Dangerous Things, and the following is a Vivokey Comment, but REALLY this is just another Amal review.

If that’s not open and honest about your product, I dont know what is.

It’s a rare company that tells their customers that one of their products are garbage.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


And again


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(I dont believe it would have been considered as a warranty replacment either)


THESE CHIPS ARE AWESOME! I am nearly 40 now but when I was 14, I felt like I was on the cutting edge of body modification while apprenticing as a piercer. At 37 years old, I finally have that feeling again after self installing (as a professional) two magnets, two LED chips, a neXt chip and more. They are easy to use and fun. You can have all sorts of fun at the bar messing with people as you pick up change and make bar bets. As a techie, I greatly appreciate the ability to stick screws, nails and small metal parts to the back of my hand where I implanted my stronger magnet. I never lose anything, and I feel totally at ease, working with smaller parts, where before I would constantly be anxious that I was going to drop them! I have six implants now and one chip that counts as two and I don’t regret a single one. They all healed perfectly and I feel confident knowing that I am contributing to a much needed part of humanities history to help us confidently evolve, while turning down religious and societal biases.


Here we go again

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example of a quick resolution and satisfied customer


Just bloody typical of Amal…:wink:


Five stars rating.
Amazing products
Amazing support and community
Honestly I’ve been always fascinated by technology. Curiosity brought me here, and I have a lot of fun learning new stuff( and getting some cool personal upgrades in the process). Life is a journey, it can be boring or it can be fun. It’s up to us to choose. When I feel bored, I learn and make proper use of my time. Learning diff technologies, or how to ride a motorcycle, or how to shave with straight razor, or how to change diapers :slight_smile:


That’s one for the books:


Just some typical DT customer service

Customer with problem

Community help

:amal: Boss man help

Customer cool about it and proactively attempting to fix the problem

Before frustration and disapointment can set in

:amal: Boss man jumps in and…


Free sterilization and
Supporting a Community members private sale

Absolutely nothing in it for

The review writes itself


Safety Advisory - xG3 v1

Enough said! :star_struck:


Realized I haven’t added comments about my experience. Shame on me for waiting so long.
I had a couple questions after my first purchase which I asked via email and the customer support was amazing!
Ever since, the support and products from Dangerous Things and the community has been amazing!
I haven’t needed too much support, but seeing the company and community trying to tackle issues when they arise is amazing and gives me confidence that when I have issues in the future, I’ll have people to go to who can help out!