Review of Dangerous Things

The simple fact that you start a thread and ask for feedback, including negative feedback

That kind of says it all.

A lot of websites publish reviews, but only ever the good ones and some I’m sure even write their own.

There are already dedicated threads here in the forum to show the quality of service


Dotted throughout the forum are people that have had issues with orders and implants, EVERY SINGLE TIME, it is rectified.
(@zwaks post above as a prime example)

Personally I have never had an issue with an order from Dangerous Things, although I actually want to experience that…:thinking: I see people mention “I accidentally got sent X instead of Y , DT immediately sorted me out and sent me my X and told me to keep the Y for FREE

I want free stuff too!!! :wink:

I look forward to seeing more examples below, even though I know I will be envious…

I’m sure a review section on the DT webstore would be full of great examples, but it would likely get spammed with comments from conspiracy theorists and religious nut jobs.


DT customer service is amazing. I ordered an xsiid before the red white and blue sale was announced, and was refunded the difference without even asking! Yall rock!


Ok this seems rather needy and self serving for a topic….
I kid I kid…

You folks and support folks at DT are fabulous. Knowledgeable, helpful and real. I feel like we are Age old friends when dealing with DT.

If I had one criticism it would be in the Innovation side of things.

DT has superiority in the implant marketplace,
And a well earned reputation for quality products. But it’s that dedication to perfection that I feel is holding back the more “niche” things.
I have a large and growing list of “back burner” items that I’d love to stick into myself - but I fear the “weird things” will never see light of day because I’m a rare breed of cyborg ok with not quite perfection. Maybe that means the r&d to make it usable is just not going to pay off.

All and all, DT is THE place to tech up with.

***edit - I do see my thought of different things might be a popular idea… I believe I would frequent a section of “unique” “ooak” or “prototypes”, or just “weird shit”z.
Maybe to make things more interesting, do auctions for that kind of thing.

Also what about community raffles? Tickets can be like 2 bux or something and folks could win 1of X yyyyzs!


You always know what you’re getting when you buy DT products. There’s never any promises made that they can’t keep, the product descriptions and capabilities are always accurate, and the support is top notch. Look at any of the threads here and you’ll see members of the community, and even Amal himself answering questions, clearing up any miscommunication, and solving issues. According to my profile I’ve read almost 10,000 posts, and I have yet to see a single one where the customer is treated like they don’t matter. In a community as niche as biohacking, quality is everything. DT has the best quality service out of any company I’ve seen.


I have only ever had an issue with an order once. I accidentally got sent a Spark2 install kit instead of the Vivokey dev kit. Not only did I get sent the dev kit but I also got told to keep the Spark2. Its almost like they knew I was thinking about getting a second spark!


I don’t know what more I could say that I didn’t post here:

I now have had enough dealings with DT to confirm my first impression. DT is one of the few companies I send my hard-earned blindly to. That says a lot from a suspicious and cynical person like me.


Another review


and another


I’ve only purchased one thing from DangerousThings so far, but my order had no issues at all and even arrived ahead of schedule and I have not had any reason at all to be displeased with the way they handle business.
Perhaps more important and impressive to me though is their dedication to running a customer oriented atmosphere, being willing to answer questions and offer in depth technical support and just truly take an effort to prove their knowledge in the field and make sure each customer or visitor is happy, not just with their product, but with the whole experience.

They are quite honestly the gold standard for customer care, no other company I have worked with goes as far as DT to support customers in any way that they can.


Well that’s not strictly true: DT could relocate to my home town in Finland. Now that would be customer care!


I live near-ish Seattle, so I’ll count meeting them halfway

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Yes, Dangerous Things has seriously let me down, I mean, having read some of these reviews, I expected them to deliver everything I looked at on their website to my front door, in person, while I was still browsing the website, and it hasn’t happened yet. :rofl:

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Overall great! The website deserves a little re-design (having to go through Our Products/etc/etc is a bit annoying to navigate). Also I feel like to someone new to rfid it is close to impossible to understand the 5 trillion different chips/protocols/mumbo jumbo and how to work with them. I know all the information is on the forum but that’s an obscure place for a newbie especially when you don’t even know what you’re looking for. An organized and detailed ressource on the website itself would be the best. Explaining what each chips does different and how that relates to the implants sold.
Finally a personal wish would be to diversify the implants, DT is very rfid-centric (thankfully magnets are back :heart:) but I would love to see some innovation in non-rfid stuff…


The good, the bad, the ugly, huh?

The good.
The service. It’s incredible (mdanger) and community involved (amal).

The bad.
The tshirt selection is definitely not fat boy friendly. I need a 3xl tall. Not an option. Granted this is more of a garment industry problem.

Also what Azflyer said. Too rfid-centric. Adding another variation on rfid implants doesnt really expand horizons much. The 55hz detector didn’t work out, but it’s a great example of a different product. Just look how well the Titan did.

The ugly.
xAC v2. No housing and the naked antenna is ugly as fuck. Given the antenna plugs in, why not a plug in antenna similar to the v1 as an option. Or some premade covers. Not all of us have 3d printer access.

Definitely NOT unhappy. Just trying to give the requested feedback.
All in all very happy.

Almost forgot. The installer map is the only part of DT that I’d rate poorly. It basically doesn’t work most of the time, and everybody ends up on the board trading installer recommendations as a result


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What should I say
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have 21 RFIDs and 1 Magnet from DT implanted.
2 RFIDs and 1 Magnet are from other companys.

1 Magnet is waiting to get implanted, and I think I will get this year 4 more RFIDs - love to geht my 30 full :kissing_heart:

The service is so amazing :slight_smile: This year I asked for a flexchipimplant to show it to people - so they can touch it, how it feels like. I write also it yould be a broken chip - its only for showing - I got one of the “flexNExT” So beautiful. I’m also glad the I have some of the old fieldtesters - so I could put them into the needle, to show it to people.

For me its a bit difficult to write it in English :slight_smile:

THX also for the gread payment conversion, it is always a joy to pay in the stores :slight_smile: Love also the flexSIID - the chip is so beautiful

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Ordered their Proxmark3 easy with the iceman build.

Great packaging, items came a lot faster then I expected.

I had great communication with them after (Michelle is amazing)

Everything went super smooth.

Looking forward to doing business with them again soon.

Hopefully they can add a few more products, but super happy with my purchase, and I will use them again in the future.

5 Stars all across the board.

Thanks again DT


I ordered a NExT “pro” bundle and a proxmark3 easy. Had no issues with the website or ordering process and found a ton of good info here on the forum, in the discord, and on the Youtube channel.

After ordering, I decided that I really wanted to add a spark2 to the order and make it an Ultron Bundle. I emailed customer service and they packed it in my order and gave me an invoice to pay the difference. The process was super smooth and I was very relieved that there weren’t any issues with a last-minute addition to my order.

I found an installer in my area through the map that Dangerous things provides. I found this to be a huge help that I could find someone in my area that is already familiar with the process and had no issues with the procedure. My positive experience continued with the installer (shout out to Leo in Orlando…he’s amazing) and to this day, I continue to brag about Dangerous Things to my friends.

As far as the negative side, I don’t really have much. I will agree with a review earlier that having a more refined and “off the shelf” experience with the access controller would be nice. But at the same time, I completely understand why it is like it is. This community is about biohacking and experimenting with the technology. Half the fun is building out enclosures and antennas for a custom access controller for a custom chip I had implanted. Options might be nice, but I’m not going to ding the review for my own personal preference…because I’m forced to learn new things (which is why I’m sure most of us are here).

Finally, a huge thank you to Amal for his hard work. You have created a fantastic community of unique people and technology. Also a huge shout out to everyone on the forum and discord for answering questions and helping out. It has made it easier for me to get into this new hobby and it’s been fun!


For the most part, Good. I have made a handful of orders now and everything ships pretty quickly and safely. I now have 5 RFIDs of various types, and a Titan. On my first order of an xSIID it did not come with the RFID diagnostic card. Not a huge deal, but still, it was supposed to come with one. I mentioned that when I ordered a KBR1 and they included the diagnostic card, so that was nice. On the KBR1 order I received an xEM instead of the KBR1, to which they told me to keep the xEM(which is neat) and sent me a KBR1 right away. I recently ordered 2 xLEDs to compliment my xSIID, and each package was definitely labeled xLED white or red, all the way down to the package containing the actual syringe. Turns out the xLED red was actually a VivoKey Spark 2. While it is kinda cool and worth twice as much, I didn’t really need another HF chip, and I have not really seen the benefit of the encryption it offers yet. I probably just need to do more research. I did not want to seem like the guy who kept getting orders wrong, so I just ordered another xLED in red, and we tested it before we implanted it and had to cut out the Spark 2 because it was too close to the xSIID and depending on hand placement a reader would pick it up the wrong device. I did move the Spark 2 to the other hand, maybe I’ll find a good use for it. Like I said, quality packaging and products, but I have had 3 shipping errors so far.